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  1. I am 22 and a trainee solicitor and my skin has been bad now for about 3 years. It got steadily worse until I was referred to a dermatologist. She had been great but I don't think she knows what to do with me next. I have had two long courses of isotretinoin - the first for 8 months on a dose of 50mg. I came off it and used other antibiotics but I couldn't get on with any of them and in the end my skin got bad enough to go back onto iso. The second course was for 6 months and at a dose of
  2. You could pay to see one privately but it is better waiting to see if you can get referred. My advice for what it is worth is play up how it makes you feel. The worse it affects your everyday life or job especially then the more seriously th GP will take it and the more likely they are to refer you. I have had a good experience with my dermatologist, she is great... I would say if you go to a derm listen to what they have to say. Don't be so quick to want isotretinoin. It does get rid of
  3. No... no ipledge. I'm 22 and was 21 when I first took isotretinoin. I have to take monthly pregnancy tests before I am prescribed more. When I was first prescribed I simply had to take a pregnancy test, some blood tests and then sign to say I understood I could not get pregnant. I am not on any form of birth control either as it doesn't agree with me and always leaves me very depressed. I simply had to sign to say I understood that the only option was a termination if I did get pregnant a
  4. Ok so today: Washed my face with Boots natural face washPut on copious amounts of Boots natural honey and wheat moisturiserPut on L'oreal coverup underneath the eyes and put on Avon mineral foundation. Eye make-up too but this has never bothered me. Symptoms My lips were fairly unbearable today: really dry. Had an exam so the invigilator kept looking at me weirdly as I put on lipbalm every 20 mins. I also have a spot on my lip which is really quite sore. I have noticed quite a lot of sma
  5. I'm 22 so not sure what I'm classed as - I'm kind of inbetween - neither adult not adolescent. I feel achy while taking it too - but swimming for me helps that as its gentle on the muscles and joints but not load bearing. I think that's also what I'm nervous of is that it will simply keep recurring time after time.
  6. This is my first post to acne.org although I have read the boards a few times. I'm after someone who has shared a similar experience and is maybe further on than me or has some advice. I am in the UK and see one of the best dermatologists in the country (Dr Alison Layton). It was luck that I got to see her but it's been a godsend. My skin was a nightmare when I started ... looking back I cannot believe I was not refered from my GP earlier. My condensed treatment: Pre-treatment - am a