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  1. Is there any possibility to get this drug outside of mexico without paying an utopic price (i think the normal price is around 150$ for a 90g package). I'm living in germany and I wanna test this product for my atrophic acne scars. Thanks for response
  2. I urgently need your help in connection with the lugols solution: Four days ago I ordered my lugols solution again, because I lost the last one. What makes me wonder is that this time the fluid much darker and probably stronger even though I ordered the same strength (5%). The problem now is that I'm not able to remove the stain from my face. Is this normal? Does the stain goes down till to the dermis? Can anybody give me some suggestions how I can remove the stain please. This condition is una
  3. Hi, no breakouts for me in contrary I think topical iodine may be good for acne problems, because it possess antibacterial properties. But also to much iodine is not good for health generally. No difference in the appearance of the scars (use it since 5 weeks->too early to judge).
  4. Hey everybody, I reached the one month treatment-mark with the lugols solution (undiluted). I'm treating one boxcar scar with it, which i have since ten years. Till now I can not recognize any changes in the appeareance of the scar. No redness, no difference in size or deepness. I apply the iodine 2x per day. Since two weeks I also treat another scar with a different form of iodine, which is called Povidone-iodine (Here in Germany they sell a Povidone-iodine-compound which is called "Betaisodon
  5. I'm trying this procedure since three weeks. Of course it is not possible to wear the staining iodine (lugols) the whole day on my face, but I do it rigorously every night. Till now I do not see any differences in the apperiance of my scars, but is also to early. The problem is that I do not recognize the mentioned redness of the treated scars. Dr. Dery mentioned that this is part of the modelling process and should appear after four days. Please can anybody tell me if I do anything wrong. I do
  6. You can make your own Vitamin C-Serum. The instruction for this is mentioned on this site (10%). http://www.natural-skin-care-info.com/vitamin-c-serum.html But make sure to use the same mixture only for maximum five days and store it in a refrigerator. Don't know if this helps, but I think only in conjunction with needling or dermarolling (but do not put it directly after needling on your skin, it is better to wait 24h).
  7. @NeoMike and maybe other users Thanks. You are right, although there is no comercial-medication avaible, it is possible to order a mixture of lugols solution at the drugstore. Wikipedia says that it consists of 5g iodine, 10 g potassium iodine and 85 ml distilled water. I don't exactly know the percentage concerning iodine concentration, but I think it has to be between 10-15%, which is very strong and not healthy to use it in long term. So my question are, is it really as unhealthy as I expec
  8. Does anybody know, if it is also possible to use normal 10% iodine (povidone-iodine) solution, because the lugol's solution is not avaible in my country. Thanks
  9. most likely none of them will work, because you can not erase scars only with topicals (maybe improve them slightly with tretinoin or tazorac). This page looks very commercial to me and so suspicious (Scam). Sorry
  10. Can you tell me how much your scars improved (maybe 30% or more)?
  11. Thanks you very much for your help.
  12. Hey Overcome, Thanks for your answers.
  13. Please read the thread, all of your questions has already been discussed. You can get the EMLA Cream from the drugstore .