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  1. 15.11.2008 to 1.3.2010 .Haven't you felt discouraged at all? Yes, I have felt discouraged at times. This is not an easy journey. Hello, thank you all for sharing all experienced rollers, how do you sterilize your rollers before and after use? should i soak it in alcohol or boil it?? Thanks!
  2. Hi Greg, Good to hear from you. I hope i can have the same fantastic results that you achieved. Did you wash your face with tap water right after roling? my face was covered in blood after rolling so I don't think it's wise to use any topical creme before washing off my blood. but i'm not sure if washing face would make rolling less effective. o~ and do you have any hypertrophic (raised) scars? I have some on my chin and it seems like there's no effective way to remove them juz yet. Any advi
  3. Hi Greg, Did you experience bleeding while using 1.5mm roller? I had some considerable bleeding when i rolled .. my face become so red and i don't dare to roll hard should i juz let my face bleed to hv the best result? Did you supplement your 1.5mm rolling with less aggresive rolls (of shorter needles) in between?
  4. i think fractional laser might produce better results than derma rolling because it releases heat which promotes collogen remodelling but laser (any type) always come w/ a heavy price tag when i compare price and result, i'd opt for rolling
  5. i think i did 4 ematrix before .. it left me w/ an additional scar on nose my doctor was a lousy one . he did the laser on me right after i finished accutane later i figured no one is supposed to do any laser treatment at least 6 mths after i hope no one would go thru the same thing as i did
  6. My pleasure to share anything I know. I've also learnt a lot from other people on this forum. I did my first derma rolling a few years ago at a beauty clinic, performed by doctor the result was not gd. i think the doctor didn't roll hard enuff now i do the rolling myself (2 rolls so far, 1st w/ 0.5mm & 2nd w/ 1.5mm), my skin looked smooth the week after 1.5 mm rolling (abt 40% improvement). i think it's becos of micro-swelling. it's my 2nd week after rolling, all my indents reappea
  7. Hi all rollers, I did my first roll 2 weeks ago, right after rolling my skin was tightened n scars are much less noticeable but now after 2 weeks, all indents remain exactly where they were with little or no improvment Overcome said there's more progress towards the later stages of 6-8 weeks. So wt's the process of collegen remodelling like? Do scars improve right after rolling, then look worse and become smoother again? Anyone roll more often than 6 weeks using 1.5 mm roller? Tha
  8. Hi Honey Girl, I ordered from Dr. roller (both the 1.5 mm roller n numbing solution) i applied some water-based essence before, during and after rolling after my skin healed, i use retin-A & Vit C essence (alternate w/ some water-based gel) sunscreen is everyday routine, of coz I was only red for max 3 days so i'm not sure if i was aggressive enuff did not use LED lights cos I'm Chinese, afraid of getting hypopigmentation or pigmentation I had fractional CO2 laser about a month ago, I'm
  9. My doctor said fractional CO2 laser and derma rolling works on the same rationale difference is that CO2 laser releases energy (heat?) while rolling does not if this is so, can rolling be more effective than laser? any thought? I'm a roller 1.5 mm ... my face looked great 1 week right after rolling but all indents reappear afterward I'm not sure if it's temporary becos of collegen remodelling or this is how it is ~~ confused~~ i think i'll keep rolling anyways since it's cheap and doesn't
  10. try to delete repeated post~~ dunno how
  11. Hi Greg09, I suppose you buy your dr roller online? So did you use their Meso Cell Lift-up kit and Lidocaine HCL 15% numbing solution? I juz found out that Dr. Roller is made in Korea