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  1. Blastomycosis? Looks so similar.. this has to be some type of fungal infection
  2. I find it very strange that these appear only on my face, first as a normal pimples, then become itchy.. If i leave them alone, a wound is formed, with raised edges and these hard plugs inside. It looks almost cancerous. The wound never heals, only If all the plugs are removed, which is impossible. How could this appear so sudden? How could it so hard to get rid of it? Months and months with these on my face? I had hopes with acyclovir but now it doesn't seem to work, still there, reformin
  3. A small update... Itraconazole did nothing for me so i went and bought an acyclovir cream. The swelling went down in 2 days, and the wounds are starting to close. I didn't want to believe i had some type of virus infection, like HSV, but it seems that is the case. It's hard to get acyclovir without prescription here, does anybody know If L-Lysine supplements can keep this virus under control? If You tried everything and nothing worked, please try acyclovir...took my pain away. Stay safe, al
  4. Could it be sporotrichosis? I have the same problem, tiny white plugs surrounding a very big one that is very deep. It is so deep, no cream can reach it and i can't get it out because it seems stuck. I can get pieces from it, but it is very painful, like ripping my skin. Clotrimazol helped with the tiny ones. I live in Eastern Europe and here doctors don't even look at you. I cry every day, i've had this condition for 2 years now, never heals until i get everything out, but the o