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  1. Yes i have ,i keep a log.. started two days ago.. havn't seen any difference in my skin going to see what happens abit more during the week
  2. I justed ordered this I'm adding to my regiment and see if i will get further improved skin http://www.acnezine.com.au/
  3. I usually cook alot at night.soo it last me for tomarrow until dinner, when i'm at work i justed put it in the microwave .yea its a hard thing to do.. But the effort you put in it... i'm sure you'll see the results
  4. Whats your diet like ,, what do you eat for breakfast ,snacks, lunch and dinner,,?
  5. try these in your deit .. they really don't affect acne,, keep it plain and simple with cooking try these food ,Brown Rice , potatoes( try getting the red ones ) pumpkin, green leaf vegetables,, To be honest there really isn't much stuff you can eat.. you pretty much gotta eat the same stuff day by day..you could make it intrested by cooking it a different way..haha.. try a deit of meat and vegetables,, try to avoid fruit and see how you go for a week..if you belive your acne is getting be
  6. Umm try this Breakfast boiled eggs snacks something like almonds and avacado a fruit that aint sweet (but not to much) Lunch try something like Canned Tuned or chicken breast make sure its in spring water and with some green vegetables.. pick something easy like maybe frozen peas ,beans and brocilli Dinner try some Beef steak , Roast turket something basic,,with some vegetables
  7. i don't think sex has nothing to do with acne.. it would relieve stress right? Well i'm going to try a experiment going to try having sex 2times a day if gf agrees =) for a week and seee how my face goes
  8. dude,, are you fucking serious? jerking gives acne.. ??
  9. Imagine you had all the money in the world to spend .What would you do to help your acne?.. and how would you change your lifestyle?
  10. thanks for your post i'm ordering the Taurine and cayenne tablets , excited to try them out =)

  11. i think i would live in philippines when I'm there I always have things to do never bored
  12. vandeathwood

    Pics of me

    Using proactive and taking Skin b5 supplement
  13. justed make sure you don't overtrain dude... you'll get acne bad,, like me =(