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    Running, Anime and Manga, movies, Trying to learn Japanese, Travelling (though I haven't been many places yet!) Vegetarianism, playing on the 360, sports. I am hoping to start taking Bikram Yoga and martial arts later this year.
  1. You don't need to apologize. I wasn't offended, just wanted to make sure my point was clear. Now that I know that you understand... I've already given a list of things that is impossible/difficult to find in a vegan diet. I've already admitted that a vegetarian diet can be plenty healthy (just as healthy as a carnivorous diet, or, in your opinion, even healthier). What I'm arguing against here is veganism, a lifestyle that imo can be held by individuals for quite some time, b
  2. I'm kicking it old school. Fraggle rock theme tune anyone? Also, Turning Japanese by the vapors. Classic.
  3. Maybe for tribes that have lived in complete isolation from the rest of the world, or maybe tribes from a very very long time ago.... tribal societys these days? Or clan based ones? Not so much. Especially since populations in so many countries have exploded...tribes can only really work with a limited amount of people - ie, less than a few million!!!!! I work in immigration and every day I have to deal with countries where the different factions of tribes and clans are murdering each other.
  4. That's right. So, back to the question: where do vegeatarians get preformed omega-3s at all? Algae? Because most vegetarians I know don't eat algae. The reason retinol disturbed bone density in those studies was because of an imbalance of fat soluble vitamins, which is simple. Get too much Vitamin A, and your Vitamin D, Vitamin E, and Vitamin K status will be compromised. That's why you shouldn't supplement Vitamin A without making sure you're also getting plenty of Vitamin D and
  5. That's not even a vegetarian diet, let alone a vegan one... HOWEVER, there is no need to pigeon hole yourself to a particular group. Just eat whatever you like, or whatever you think is best for you. You will, however, probably irritate other vegans if you tell people your vegan when you're still eating fish, lol, because vegans don't eat fish!!! But as I said, just eat what you want to!!
  6. You have really smooshable hair. What was your diet like before making these changes?
  7. She only looks about 14, so maybe she is going through some kind of uber glam stage. I dont have sound on - is she english or american? Maybe she is aspiring to be a pussycat doll or something. Hopefully she will grow out of it. God knows I wore some fucking ridiculous stuff when I was a teenager!!! I like the eyeshadow, but the lipgloss scares me. She just seems like a pretty girl whose been sucked into the whole "WEAR FULL MAKE UP OR YOU ARE INFERIOR TO OTHER WOMEN" thing. Shame.
  8. My skin improved when I turned vegetarian, and improved more when I started to vary my diet a whole lot more. My acne is hormonal though, so food is never going to clear it for me utterly. Urgh, I went on holiday to Florida lst year. GREAT for diabetics (we are seriously lacking in the AMAZING amount of sugar free food you guys have!) but EVERYWHERE we went was like, meat central. I survived the whole week by asking.. "Can I have the salad....but without the chicken". They looked at me like
  9. Shaving should be saved for people with a moustache - women included. I don't have any facial hair (other than eyebrows) that I have ever noticed. Being blonde helps! But frankly I think Ill stick with my origins facial scrub...
  10. Tell him his girlfriend is RUBBISH in bed, lol. There's always some kind of competition between friends, so don't worry about it too much. Next time he does it just him your setting up a charity to help arrogant fucktards and offer your assistance in his time of evident need.
  11. Hi guys, I just wanted to ask a quick question about this...basically Ive been on Dianette for a good 7 months now, and Im not really keen to stay on much longer if possible. My skin was totally clear (though Ive had a couple of bumps come up when I took a two weeks break to see if I could go without it...) but I don't like the weight gain issues it gives me, plus there is really no need for me to be on BC at the moment!!! Has anyone here been on dianette and found spiro to be an effective equi
  12. yes, in the UK it is called "Roaccutane"
  13. If this has already been covered in a previous post then I apologise and would be grateful for someone to point me in the right direction! Basically I am going away somewhere hot and lovely this summer, but need to find a good sun cream (minimum factor 25) that is suitable to use on my face without blocking up all my pores and causing me to break out when im trying to enjoy myself!!! I know america is pretty good at labelling sun cream as non pore blocking, etc, but does anyone know of any UK
  14. Im more scared of childbirth than I am of pregnancy per se. I had a long conversation with my mamon about baby weight tonight as it happens. My mum used to have a natural 19 inch waist, and after having two kids she's gone up to a 22inch waist. She was thinner in her youth but even mow in her fifties she's still a UK 8 (size 4 in US?). I was arguing that all women put on weight when they get pregnant and get the big flappy belly after giving birth. Mum said that the only reason all her friends
  15. Your hair looks like it has a very tight curl - you might want to watch it to make sure it doesn't grow into ringlets. Beautiful on girls, not so much on guys... Of course the curls might drop with weight, but at the moment Im a bit dubious that it will. Of course if that is the look you are after then go for it, lol.