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  1. Bill- The complete skin care cleanser that Gilette makes is pretty good. It all depends how tolerant your face is to drying out. I have heard good things about the Aveeno cleanser, but splashing water on my face and washing with the Gilette cleanser everytime I shave works for me. Hope this helps Dan
  2. red marks are 98% gone I've used sal acid before and it just makes my face red......
  3. About 2 months, I rarely get any zits and if I do it's only one or two. All that really remains are clogged pores which are barely noticeable
  4. Skip to the bottom if you just want the products I use. I first starting getting zits around junior high. Although annoying, I wasn't exactly phased by them as there were only a few, and at that point in my life looks weren't really that important to me. Enter highschool. Appearance all of a sudden was important and I wanted to MAKE SURE that I had good skin to keep it up. Although I have never been a sufferer of severe acne, (it has been light to moderate), it was always enought to annoy me a