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  1. hi there...yes, cephalexin is an antibiotic/antibacterial agent..it belongs to the cephalosporins family and is usually used for soft tissue infection.. in ur case, the derm prescribed it to get rid of the bacteria that might have caused ur cyst..inflammation occurs coz there's infection..so if u treat the infection, the inflammation will subside as well.. all the best to u..and may cephalexin works well..good luck!!! :dance: just be sure to drink it on time (to avoid bacterial resistance)
  2. thanks cecelia..yeah,i've tried using BP before, about 2 years ago and a doctor friend told me to use tretinoin instead, in which i used within a year, but didnt had my face cleared... but after reading the stories here..i was convinced to try bp again, i probably had it much... anyway, will try to figure out the right remedy... thanks!!! im washing my face 3-4 times a day..i got a very oily skin, so after about an hour after i wash up, oil starts to show again, and i find it messy.
  3. well, i started my day looking horrified by what i look like.. 4 days ago, i decided to use BP..i followed dan's regimen of putting much BP on zits.. i washed my faced with tea tree oil facial wash, then applied bp and moisturizer..well, a day after, i looked like having chicken pox and my zits got burnt i guess, they r all red!!!! i stopped using BP 2 days ago.. does anyone know hot to get rid of it?? i tried using sunblock, but my face is too oily that i cant let it stay long and end up
  4. hiya there...thanks for the reply..well, i stopped using tretinoin..i continued with tea tree oil..and began using BP..worst comes to worst..my zits look like chickenpox!!! i stopped BP again and suffered the big-red-burnt-spots as of the moment.. by the way, what products cleared up ur acne in case u didnt respond to tea tree oil and tretinoin?
  5. hi there..thanks for ur reply... well, i stopped using tretinoin and continued with tea tree oil facial wash and toner..i dont really have cystic acne but pimples that r big and sometimes wont come to a head..anyway, i started out dan's regimen 2 days ago, with the alteration of using the toner..i had 5 breakouts and i put bp on them..now, the breakouts look burnt!! i look horrible..maybe i applied much..i stopped the bp for today and will use it in lesser amount and timing.. i havent tried ac
  6. Thanks for the reply Buena, I have not seen a derm for a few years now, before accutane i went on anti biotics for a while, then topics etc, nothing worked till accunate, and i don't even remember if that did properly, i guess i did cause i came off it! I think it is candida that is causing it as when i cut out the food that caused it my acne went away, it only came back (with avengence!!) when i started proactivly tring to kill it - die off effect. Also candida can florish when you have been
  7. hi guysss... just wanna ask if any one has tried using tree oil toner and tretinoin?? or have any idea about that products?? well, i tried experimenting..i know its not a good deed, but im desperate all my big zits will fade away..anyway, i did applied the toner then put the tretinoin...my face felt like its burning and i began sweating..and got headache.. i think im allergic to it!!! i ended up going to the hospital and purchased some anti allergy... any advice or suggestions are greatly ap
  8. hi there!!! i tried using BP before but my face got worse, so i stopped it..just last night, i put tretinoin and bleaching cream on my face and i look like a roasted pig!!!!!!!! stupid thing,..got no choice but wash them up and took anti allergy.. it's good that dan's regimen worked for u!!! i dunno what should i try next..maybe i'll end up looking like a monster...
  9. hiya there!!! i've read ur acne story, errr, ur life story for that matter..well, i've been taking doxycycline too for 2 weeks now, yet i get those bumps still..got moderate acne too..yet im positive that this will work in a month or two..how long did ur derma prescribe u to take it?? for now, just follow what is prescribed..pray that it will b ok soon.. and be good!! g

  10. hi blart...it's nice to hear from u.. :) anyway, r u seeing a dermatologist right now?? why do u think that acne around ur mouth is caused by candida infection?? r u into antibiotics before??? well, i have read that elements in the Halogen Family (hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen,iodine, flourine, bromine, and chlorine)can aggravate acne..why dont u checkout your toothpaste or ur mouthwash?? they contain flourine for sure.. yeah, i agree, diet plays a role in acne somehow, so be sure to eat a hea
  11. hi pedro..it's good that u can relate to what im feeling..i've read so much of isotretinoin but i wouldnt risk take it orally by now..im aware of its adverse effects (i think it would make my face so red too, especially that its really hot here in the phils, and i find sunblock messy to wear) and i dunno if i will resort to it someday..hope ur will be 100% clean someday..update me of its result..have a nice day!!! ohh, i came from the province, an hour plane-ride from manila..yeah, there
  12. ----i've tried taking supplements too like glutathione, grapeseed extract and loads or vitamin C..i also tried eating lots of squash seeds coz it's lots of zinc..it worked in a way, but doesnt completely clear up my pimples still.. do u use make-up?im afraid that every time i tried any, my face gets worse..im into tretinoin now too, will see it this works, if not, i'll go find another option.. thanks for ur reply!! all the best...
  13. i do salute u for being optimistic..yeah, all people r beautiful indeed!!! way to go!!!!

  14. hi omar..im glad that dan's regimen is working on u..i havent tried it yet, but i tried benzoyld peroxide before, it didnt work that much..i'd better look for some alternatives.. good luck to u..smile and be happy!!!

  15. buena

    hi dan..thanks so much for putting up this site..im happy i found this website...thanks for my search about doxycyline, it landed me here..anyway, i've read ur regimen, too bad, benzoyl peroxide didnt work well with me, it made my acne worse when i used it 2 years ago..a doctor friend adviced me to stop it and use tretinoin instead..tretinoin worked,for a while, but acne came back..im still se

  16. hiya everybody!!

  17. hello everyone.. well, i started having acne when i was 13, now im 24.. i had tried lots of products since then prescribed by doctors (which didnt work much) and those which i prescribe myself (im into the medical field so i kinda know lots about drugs).. i wash my face regularly, about 4 times a day coz i have a very oily skin..i dont wear make up too..i only had tried using cetaphil, benzoyl peroxide, tretinoin, minocycline, and lots of stuff.. to my frustration, i havent found the perfect
  18. right now, im taking doxycycline orally 1oomg/day..tea tree oil toner and tretinion..i cant see the effect yet..my face cleared up 2 months ago, and by now, big pimples r getting back..well, i will check dan's regimen..is it really effective?? right now, im taking doxycycline orally 1oomg/day..tea tree oil toner and tretinion..i cant see the effect yet..my face cleared up 2 months ago, and by now, big pimples r getting back..well, i will check dan's regimen..is it really effective??
  19. i had been suffering from acne for ten years..ive been seeing lots of doctors but nothing worked so i stopped for the last 2 years..yeah, there r times that my face would clear and im as happy and confident as ever, but by the time large pimples will appear again, i began to feel inferior and would just sulk and cry..i seem helpless...im a pharma and a nurse, yet i havent find the perfect remedy yet..my friends and family has been so concerned, that they give me some advice sometimes.. i dunno k