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  1. Thanks for the friend add! ^_^

  2. I've actually used urine therapy a few times and so consider myself pretty open minded about it... but that, right there, was a bit too much info...
  3. Ok, this thread has officially become really, REALLY weird... But yeah, twice a week doesn't sound too good, maybe a change in diet is in order? I guarantee you need more fibre. ALOT more.
  4. I bought a bottle of the stuff, "100% Pure Emu Oil" and I swear to God I've never felt anything so greasy in my life. I'd used only a tiny amount (pea-sized) and it felt disgustingly oily on my skin, after washing my hands about 4 times I still couldn't rid of the greasy feeling! :/ since I have super-oily skin I doubt this will work for me, however I get the feeling I bought the wrong stuff maybe? Some advice would be appreciated.
  5. Compulsive skin picking is a type of impulse control disorder called "Dermatillomania", I used to have a bad problem with picking at my face where it was a daily ritual for me to relentlessly scratch at myself for hours a day... inevitably this has left me with numerous scars and red marks. It wasn't until I took a good look at my skin that (in my dismay) I finally realized the permanent damage I was doing, and haven't so much as touched my skin in about 6 months. This was mainly through joining
  6. I'm fairly positive that over the last few days, every time I've applied the Cetaphil Cleanser at least 2 new spots have appeared, usually a few minutes after application. Really sucks as as it leaves my skin incredibly smooth and refreshed otherwise... can't seem to win!
  7. I try to avoid messing about with blackheads full stop, mainly because my skin is super sensitive and even if the plug is fully removed, it leaves one hell of a nasty mark that takes ages to disappear. Another negative factor is that my blackheads are pretty popular wee buggers, always seeming to attract more to their funeral.
  8. In all perfect honesty, no I don't feel jealous. I consider myself to be an intelligent, caring, compassionate and unpretentious person with a kind heart, values of which I think alot of people around me lack. I'd rather have a pure soul than perfect skin... in the grand scheme of things it just doesn't matter surely?
  9. Looking good buddy, been following your thread since I registered. Improvements look pretty immense, really happy for you
  10. Customer at work a few weeks ago (work as a checkout operator at Walmart): "Wow, it's not often I get served by such a handsome young man." Me: Blushing furiously. I get a few comments about my "looks", but I can say with all sincerity that I don't see it myself
  11. Eek... I assumed they were the standard concentration Ok now I AM apprehensive, in fact downright scared to use them at all lol. As expected there are instructions: they say to leave on for roughly 2-3 minutes, after having washed/cleansed the skin thoroughly etc. It also says to neutralize the acid by applying bicarbonate of soda, and that some scabbing or "sloughing" (?) may be expected though is generally rare. Where would you recommend I look for smaller concentrations? The place I found
  12. Been using MaMa Lotion's 10% Mandelic Acid (as I live in Scotland) for the past week, and have already had fantastic results: I had a large spattering of blackouts on either side of my nose (literally hundreds of them) and within roughly 5 days, I'd say about a third have disappeared... very impressed so far! Doesn't mean it will work for everyone of course, but I'd definitely recommend giving it a try (btw I have oily and sensitive skin and have not suffered any adverse effects so far, thankful
  13. My derm has been recommending this treatment, but damn is it pricey.