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  1. I just wanted to say that I am sorry for your frustration but your post is tooooo cute! LOL Like YUP totally annoyed at myself haha )))))
  2. I wear Angel by Thierry Mugler. Its very DIFFERENT, not everyone loves it, but men seem to flock to it and always comment on it... Its got undertones of chocolate and patchouli...
  3. The hair dye in the box at the local drugstore have similar ingredients as haircolor at the salon. Its all chemicals and its all bad for the hair. As for cutting your hair, have a half inch taken off every 4-6 weeks. Hair grows 6 inches a year on average. If you do not cut off the split ends it will continue to split up the hair shaft.
  4. Looks great and I just want to tell you how strikingly beautiful you are! ))))
  5. Ive been hearing about black soap lately and your post was the last I needed to hear. I just ordered it... I admittedly do not have really bad acne, mine is alot of comedones and black heads and usually related with tanning or "that time of the month"... Im also changing some lifestyle choices. Ive cut back on tanning and am going to start watching my diet and exercising to relieve stress. Your post gave me hope that I can clear my skin! I took before pics today. I cannot wait to be posting AFTE
  6. So here I am. Starting a log... My current regimen consists of: AM Clearisil wash Proactiv scrub tone cetaphil moisturizer PM Clearisil wash Proactiv scrub Tone Cetaphil Moisturizer Day 1 I already see an improvement. The bumps feel different. They have gone down and the ones that have stayed are starting to come to a head and clear away. I took pics last night and will post them if I can here.. I have to figure that out. Torre
  7. Hey Torre! Welcome to this thread. Sorry to hear about your proactiv struggles. It's very disheartening when you're optimistic about a product/regimen and it just worsens your current condition (I've been down that road too many times), but that's why we're here to help! First off, it's good that you're controlling your diet and drinking plenty of water. You're keeping your body healthy and that is a huge plus physically and it shows that you keep yourself disciplined. If you can, could you des
  8. I think I might try this regimen. I am currently using proactiv and my skin looks and feels awful.. I am extremely oily and must control my diet as well as my water intake. But I need something that will not irritate my face and this sounds soothing. I used to use apricot scrub when I was 14 and loved it... I will have to try it again. So are we toning or not toning? if so with what? I don't want to use ACV because I hate the smell.. Maybe witch hazel? THANKS! TOrre
  9. Is there a purging period with it? I am considering Mandelic acid and wondering if I will have a purging period and for how long? I have a lot of comedones all over my face and wonder how bad it will get before it gets better. I also need a reccomendation for a cleanser and moisturizer. I have extremely sensitive skin and the proactiv I am using is killing my skin and not working very well either. Any suggestions? Torre
  10. Hey all.. New girl here. I am very frustrated with my skin and found this site. I was hoping someone might have some insight... I started with acne around 11/12. It was severe body acne and some very minimal comedones on my face. After many years of trying antibiotics and topical ointments, I was prescribed accutane. It cleared my body acne up quickle and very effectively. I had not had an issue until a few years later when I enrolled in esthetics school and my face was being used to wash and