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  1. Hey their! All those suplements are fine to take, just as long as your not taking a multivitimin that contains A, because of the accutane. You definalty need omega 3 and 6 in your diet regardless if your on accutane or not, those are essential fatty acids our body needs. If you don't eat alot of meat and dark leafy veggies, then taking vit B complex is good. Zinc is always good for health strong hair, and it could be good while your on accutane since it drys your body out from the insid
  2. WHATEVER, you have a few pimples, your so hot!!!!!! RARW, gorgeous eyes!
  3. Hey rian1983 where do you buy your glycolic acid from?? i want to make its' a good one
  4. Hi everyone, I don't know if anyone is firmilar with glycolic acid, and I know Dan sells it in a AHA mosturizer, but i was wondering is anyone has tryed anything stronger, or actually uses pure glycolic acid. Their are alot of websites and I don't know which one to buy...there's usually 20%, 30% or 50%,...I go to the spa once a month and get the glycolic acid peel, but its' 80 bucks each time.....why not buy it on the internet if i can....but it is dangerous if not used proporly beca
  5. I can't upload a picture on this damn thing, and the file isn't to big...i think their might be something wrong with the site

  6. I think pot does effect your skin to some extent, it depletes collegen levels in the skin the same as cigerette smoke does, and it resticts oxygen levels in your blood so it woudl relaly dry out your skin if you arn't careful, but your lungs woudl be your main concern.
  7. Does smoking weed nagitively effect your skin!?
  8. Does anyone know if you can see your scars in all lighting? or is it just in certain lighting? sometimes i can see my scars more then in other nirrors or light................can everyone see it normally or just in rbight light?
  9. I was wondering if you guys knew if you can only see scars in bright lighting? Sometimes i can see my scars and sometimes i can't......can everyone else see them all the time, or does it depend of the lighting? In most mirrors I can't see them but in others i can. whats' the deal haha
  10. I have been getting Microndermabrasion for awhile now, and it all depends on who is doing the job and they oviously have to know your skin. Some peopl's skin is thicker while others is thinner. Basically the first time you have it they will go easy to see how your skin reacts, they will increase with time. It helped alot for the overall texture my skin, and my mild acne. However I told the estitian to increase the setting, and i guess my skin was to thin, and it actually brough out all my ance
  11. Okay so, I have a few mild ance scars on my face, (around my nose and my chin) because the estiticain I was with extracted a few blackheads that scarred. Sometimes in really bright light I can see the scars really well but when I look in other mirrors or differnt lighting you can't see them at all....i was wondering if its' just the lighting in some cases that bring the scars out....and are they visible to people all the time???