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  1. I broke up with my girlfriend. I told her that when I feel better about myself, we can go back out if she wants to.
  2. I like to work out but when I break out I feel like, "What's the point". I don't want to go to school or anything. I hate it because I like to feel like I'm in control of my life but I don't feel like that because I can't control my acne.
  3. Listen to what your doctor has to say. My doctor use to string me along on a bunch of different topicals and antibiotics for 3 years until they realised nothing was going to work. So they put my on accutane and I'm doing a lot better. Accutane isn't bad if you think about the benefits vs. the consequences. You will have chapped lips everyday if you don't use any type of chap stick. I had nose bleeds near the end of my accutane. That was about it. Everything else was great about it.
  4. I use the topical. It works really good. Before I was on accutane, I used benzaclin. That stuff sucks. It always made my skin red and irritated. I also use to take tetrocyclin and when that stopped working I took minocyclin.
  5. I finished accutane like last february. i think in june I started to get pimples so I went to my dermatologist and he gave me brevoxyl and retin-a I ran out of the brevoxl and I started breaking out. I hate retin-a though so I use it like every other day so it doesn't irritate my skin. Oh wait I finished it like june last year so I guess it's been one year since I've really had any acne at all.
  6. I was very disappointed that my acne started to come back but there aren't any cysts thank god. I started using Retin-A at nights and I ran out of my Brevoxyl-4. I really hate retin-a though. It always makes my skin peal off and I don't want people to see it at school. Does Retin-a help with scaring?
  7. Women want a good looking guy with a nice car who treats them like shit.
  8. You're only a bad mother if your family had a history of bad acne and you still had children anyway. It's just as selfish as bring a child into the world if you're poor or have some horrible disability that runs in your family. I'll never have children. My life isn't bad but I just wouldn't want to cause someones suffering. It seems selfish to me.
  9. I don't like benzaclin. It always made my face red, dry and irritated. I would reccomend Brevoxyl-4. It's twice as good and I've never had any pain with it.
  10. I broke out 2 days ago after not having any acne for over 6 months. I broke out with cysts and large pimples. It has to do with some change that occured in the past 2 or 3 days to cause me to get so much acne in such little time. Normally I eat fast food 2-4 times a week. The night before my break out, I had Mc donalds. This was pretty average though. But earlyer that morning, I had Instant Porridge. This is something I have never eaten before in my life. It was pretty good but I think it may ha
  11. You're giving up college just because you had 12 zits? You're giving up your future because of your face? Yes By the way, how come you took accutane when you even said that you "had almost no acne at all"? After I took accutane I had almost no acne at all.
  12. For about 6 months, I had been completely clear. Before I had taken accutane and I had almost no acne at all. 2 days ago, I woke up and I had about 12 pimples on my face that came from no where. I had no acne the night before. I just woke up and they were there. They aren't even the white heads that I would occasionally get. They were all either cysts or like semi cyst type acne. I have college in a few weeks and I told my mother that if I don't clear up, I'm not going. I honestly don't give a f
  13. I was on accutane for a couple months and my acne was gone almost completely. I usually only got 1 or 2 pimples every couple weeks. This morning I woke up and I had a lot of big red pimples on my face which was completely clear the night before and I also have been using a benzoil peroxide cream. Why did this acne appear so quickly after not having anything. Does it have anything to do with my diet or maybe because I was under a lot of stress the past few days? Whatever it is, it's weird because