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  1. I have used retin-A and the scarring that resulted during its use was probably from picking at the drying blemishes. The retin A caused a lot of drying, and I have a bad habit of picking at the flaking skin. I do think that recent spot treating with retin-A has been somewhat helpful. My dermatologist told me that it is proven to remodel collagen. I was using Kinerase and ran out, I have been spot treating some scars for the last week or so with retin-A micro, and I believe that I am havin
  2. Jane


    Cash Sorry to take so long to respond. I think that the cream is recommended for pregnant and nursing woman. I think I read this on the Derma Doctor website. I have not been using Kinerase recently as I ran out and need to get more from ebay. Until I can purchase more, I am spot treating with retin-A micro. Retin-A is not a product to be used when pregnant or nursing, but since I am not yet, I decided to start using it again. Good Luck! Jane
  3. Chemical peels definately cleared my acne for a while and made one ice pick into a wider, shallower depression. Overall, I don't know if it could make a major difference with deep scarring. From what I understand, peels don't go deep enough into the skin to get rid of scarring.
  4. sword - don't want to get off the topic of this thread too much, but I also suggest Kinerase for oiliness and clogged pores. It has eliminated breakouts for me. I purchased mine on ebay for $30. Good luck!
  5. Jane


    I wanted to bump this thread to see if there is anymore information on it. I read on another website is that the surgeon would have to be very skilled in injecting it. It would be helpful if anyone knows of good docs that inject this filler.
  6. Jane


    I am trying to get pregnant, and the cream is recommended for pregnant and nursing mothers. I was worried that the cream would break me out, but it has not. I am not sure the differences between the cream and lotion. I have oily skin in certain areas, however, I think that the cream has helped with the excess oil.
  7. Jane


    I have reoccurring adult acne--huge cysts that usually occur 1 -2 at a time. Last year, I had a series of microdermasions and chemical peels that cleared up my acne for about six months. It came back last August, and I have been trying to clear it ever since. I stopped having breakouts after using the Kinerase for about two weeks. I was nervous too, however, I read on another website that Kinerase user had also stopped getting breakouts. I am so glad I started using it. I haven't noticed a h
  8. Jane


    Just wanted to post that I have been using Kinerase for over a month and it has completely cleared my cystic acne. It plumps the skin and makes my scars look much better in the AM. It is also helping with red marks.
  9. I found it at a Devonshire Pharmacy 215 Edgware Rd, Tel 020 7402 6134 for 8.99 pounds. I agree with an earlier post that it plumps up the skin. I am not sure of lasting effects yet. Good Luck. Jane.
  10. I have tried the Bio-oil for the last few days and it seems to be making a difference (maybe placebo effect, I am not sure). I don't think it will clog my pores either. It kind of reminds me of the Pure Deming product. The pharmacy lady also suggested Scarzone, saying it was a very popular product that she was sold out of. I went to a different pharmacy and purchased it. I will continue to update on progress.
  11. Jane


    Is the Kinerase lotion sold on Ebay the real thing???? How can they sell it for so much cheaper than what the company is selling for on their website?
  12. Is the doctor that wants to charge you $600 with Texas Dematology Associates? That seems ridiculous. If you can't find someone in Dallas, maybe you could negotiate a better rate with the Houston Doc. I have also heard that Baylor College of Medicine has a smoothbeam laser--they are probably expensive also. I have also been considering smoothbeam; however, may face seams to be healing very well using the vinegar method. Since I am reading about some side effects with smoothbeam, I am goi
  13. My husband and I have both noticed quite a lot of improvement on some of my rolling scars. I have been using the vinegar method for six months. The biggest change is when I look into car windows. I used to see large indents, now I can see only slight indents and one scar is level with other skin. I skipped using for several weeks and I think it was good as my skin started to appear smoother at that point. Now I am using again daily. I think that the vinegar has helped with clearing up my c
  14. I did a search for biolamp on this website and did not come up with any matches. I don't see such a wide range of treatment claims on the biolamp website. I am interested in biolamp as I have other skin problems too. Since I live in the U.S., I will likely wait a while to see how everyone else likes it.
  15. Do you think that healing indents that haven't formed permanent scar tissue still need needling or TCA? Or would retin A alone suffice?