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  1. Ive been using aczone for about 2 weeks now, and so far no improvement. at all. is this an "initial breakout"? idk how much more i can take i dont even want to go anywhere or see anyone. I was thinking about starting spironalactone also, has anyone tried this combo? i have used accutane before and was clear for 2 years. unfortunately its coming back and idk what to do. please help
  2. i am 20 years old and have been dealing with acne since 5th grade. ive used differen, clindamycin, doxycycline, benzaclin, minocycline, clindagel, all kinds of over the counter treatments, and probably some other perscriptions ive forgotton. the only thing that ever worked was accutane i was completely clear for almost 2 years but now skin problems are coming back im out of ideas and don't know what to do. i just want to live normal and be able to go out without feeling like i have to spend for
  3. I am 20 years old (almost 21), and took accutane 2 years ago to clear up my skin because nothing else was working. It worked! And for 2 years I had clear, wonderful, non-oily skin. But recently, starting about a month or two ago, I began breaking out again mostly around the lower half of my face on my cheeks. I NEVER want my acne to return as bad as it was, but I know i need to do something now to prevent that from happening. I am currently taking loestrin 24FE birth control but am considering s
  4. i heard maybe GNC sells it... is this true?? anyone know??
  5. my lips have been getting even drier than they were last week... maybe i will try the blistex... have any of u all used jojoba oil (dono if thats spelled right) for reducing the dark red marks left over?
  6. im hoping i dont re-breakout after tane but i love how it is making my skin so not oily its completely amazing because usually my skin is oily pretty much immediately after i wash it... its been 2 weeks since i began accutane i think and already its such a huge difference... i would go back on accutane too if mine came back because i already notice so much
  7. thanks guys! looks like the breakout is pretty much over for now which is good because yesterday i had my graduation party and i wouldve sucked to have a huge breakout!! but nope i was ready for the cameras but aquaphor is absolutely saving my lips, they are sooo dry!
  8. omg u were exact... after like 3 days its (hope i dont jynx it) clearing up again it looks like! hope the clearing continues haha... i also noticed my scalp was extremely dry yesterday... felt like lice (ick) but i went to my stylist and she had them put really moisturizing stuff in which seemed to work... side effects arent too bad tho
  9. I began taking accutane a little over a week ago. During the first week, my skin seemed to already be clearing up significantly and I felt great, but this week, my face is breaking out again and it just is so disappointing! Is this typical for the initial breakout? Anyone with experience, how long did the IB last for you? Any help is greatly appreciated thanks!!
  10. i would because at least i know that the people here are most likely "real" and would actually understand me pretty well...
  11. spf 45 by neutrogena is not greasy at all and works very well... i would try that
  12. hope my improvement turns out good as urs!!! you can definately see a difference
  13. i just started accutane, but i remember a couple summers ago when i got really burnt on my face, i used neutrogena sunblock SPF 45 and it was not greasy at all and felt nice and cooling on my skin... just a suggestion
  14. when i started taking birth control, i used loestrin24 and still had a couple pimples, but that was normal for me... i thought maybe switching to yaz would help since it has been "proven" to help acne... that was a HORRIBLE decision. after taking yaz i broke out more than ever and it was just miserable, now i have to turn to accutane because of the damage but i have switched back to loestrin24. i definately think it depends on the type of birth control you use and yaz definately affected me