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  1. I too have just been prescribed prednisolone and I am on my 16th week of Roaccutane 15mg a day. I have very bad acne Rosacea that has got really bad since taking the Roaccutane things are so bad I can't even go out the house. The spots I have are terrible, red itchy things all over my face. I was on a starting dose of 30mg of Roccutane but had to drop down to 15mg after things got so bad. I was then given some antibiotics called Triethorpim ( excuse spelling) I had a very bad reaction to those
  2. I am actually on fincea gel at the moment and still on tane. I was put on 30mg of tane for really bad acne rosacia. After two months of taking the tan things were getting worse instead of better. My spots were very red and angry looking and my derm told me that I should reduce my dose of tane down to 15mg. I was also told to start using fincea gel and I now use it twice a day. 3 weeks later and more spots I went back to the derm because I ended up with a eye infection from the tan. My derm dr to
  3. Yea, I have them too and they have been with me since the middle of Feb. Was told by my derm that it is "Acute acne Rosacia" and I am now on Roccutane for at least 16 weeks and maybe longer.The spots start off as normal spots and can feel a bit itchy when they first start to appear. Then I soon get smaller ones developing right near the first one, within days they have all joined up together and look like a small map of redness. My entire forehead is covered with them I have also got them near
  4. Just was wondering if I am the only female on this site who at 44 years old, is having to battle acne with Roccutane?. Any feedback most welcome. Thanks!
  5. Thanks for the help

  6. Thanks for help , I thought that it was just me having a problem! Lets hope things get sorted out soon, best wishes to you.
  7. Has anybody else got the same problem of not being able to retrieve their saved messages due to the fact that their "Inbox" and "New Messages" icon has just disappeared? This problem has only happened in the last 16 hrs.