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  1. Dan, Could you tell me the name of the doctor in Dallas that does subscision. I'm trying to find one. Thanks
  2. jcomp

    rolling scars?

    I appear to have "rolling" scars, but it's difficult for me to identify
  3. jcomp


    Has anyone mixed their own TCA complex by purchasing pure 100% TCA crystals? On that note, how can you achieve a 100% TCA solutions (for CROSS) if you start with crystals? Seems impossible
  4. Thanks for posting your experience. DO you know how much silicone he injected into each scar? minute amounts or substantial like .1 ml ? Also, did he message the silicone around or just leave it where it was injected?
  5. Interesting reading about the chitosan mask they recommend. Has anyone tried this?
  6. Does anyone know if any studies have been performed to determine whether smoothbeam effects are permanent ? In theory, I think it should be since it stimulates your natural collagen.
  7. jcomp


    It's hard to find. I've been searching for someone who has some needling experience in North Texas, but no luck so far.
  8. I don't mean for this to sound negative, but being a cautious person I really wonder whether TCA CROSS is really converting a small scar into a larger scar (albeit raised with increased collagen). More collagen is great, but at the expense of more scaring