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  1. you may not want to go through all this, but if you use mineral makeup, its really easy to make your own tinted moisturizer. you just need to sprinkle some of your foundation and mix it up. it isn't tinted, but the moisturizer i am using is garnier nutritioniste skin renew moisture lotion. i use it because i like the texture well enough, but more importantly it has spf 15.
  2. EDM = everyday minerals makeup brand. everydayminerals.com
  3. dilute it! please tell me you aren't using pure vinegar. to start out you should probably be using about 1/4 vinegar diluted into water. just like the regimen, you can slowly ramp up how much vinegar is in your solution. in my experience, it didn't matter when kind of vinegar i used. when i first started i would buy "name brands" but after a while, i started buying store brand.
  4. you are more comfortable walking around with a bandaid on your face, than trying to cover up your huge wound of a pimple. can't understand why i'm having this mini breakout. i want to say for pre-menstrual reasons, but that is a stretch. i messed this one up good. i went nuts and just poked and prodded at it til it became this swollen red mound with a scab. been going to bed every night with a bit of neosporin. seems to be going down slowly. so remember kids - if it doesn't look like its
  5. use a mild loofah while in the shower,but don't scrub at it harshly. using a lactic acid moisturizer like AmLactin or LacHydrin twice a day will help with the appearance. i have it too, it sucks, i know.
  6. Atleast you have a derm, what a god send! I don't know what type of work you do, but I wait tables, so I have to face sooo many people and when my skin is taking a crap it is so hard to do.
  7. i tried this stuff a while back. it's supposed to be this breakthrough lightweight formula with excellent coverage and easy enough on sensitive acne prone skin. back then, it was available through online order only (similar to a proactiv thing where they rope you in for a regular schedule of delivery). anyway, i remember liking it, but i wasn't blown away. so, the price chased me off and i returned it. i recently saw these products available at a local cvs and i'm thinking about getting som
  8. i'm back. it's been about 5-6 days for me too. i had one spot on my back that disappeared with h&s, so yay! my booty, however, not as good results. i stopped for a day or two because i was starting to feel some small bumps and see some redness (the beginning of a possible rash). i'm back on it and no rash-like effects just yet. i hope this can work for me
  9. just bought the classic clean 1% zinc stuff. i don't usually have a problem with body acne, but i've been having some trouble lately. just started birth control recently (nuvaring) so that could be the culprit. anyway, i plan on using it on my back and booty. i have keratosis pilaris on the backs of my arms and thighs. everyone keeps saying how smooth it makes their skin feel, so i wonder if this will be a good treatment for KP. ill come back and update
  10. i'm dealing with a couple right now.. i can't say whether it is acne or a result of my keratosis pilaris. my KP is more apparent on my arms rather than the backs of my legs or butt. i can swear by the neosporin really helping for these things clearing up, though. it seems to do pretty well for me. (i use the cream.) i also throw on some tea tree oil whenever i get them. can't say whether it helps or does nothing at all..not sure. i'm curious about this neostrata lotion with the gycolic a
  11. oh. my. god. i usually don't have any trouble with body acne, but just recently i have not one, not two but a whole group..maybe 10 or more on both my little cheeks! yes, my booty. so i figured that dan's 2.5 bp wouldn't do much because i know the skin is thicker and stronger on your body. i went out and got clean&clear's persa-gel 10% bp. you think this will do anything for me? other suggestions?
  12. for some reason my skin seems to act up worse during the winter months. i'm getting frustrated because i'm starting to see the change of seasons. i'm starting to see my keratosis pilaris (chicken skin) becoming more noticeable and inflamed. i'm starting to feel my face start to flake a bit even though i apply moisturizer. seems like no matter how much lotion or moisturizer i use, i always still feel dry in the winter. this just gets so tiring
  13. if its not acne when you are in your late 20s or 30s it will just be wrinkles, or fat, or something else. low self esteem is low self esteem and theres no getting around it. and before you know it you'll be 60 saying "when i get those new dentures..then i'll go out and have a good time". don't waste away, do it now.
  14. ive had the jar for maybe a month now. used it once or twice. and yes, they ARE big. very tall, very wide. they hold approximately 33 grams. anyhow..to get back around to your topic though...i used to be a sample junkie too until i finally got tired of constantly mixing up concoctions and just wanted to "settle down" so ive been using meow for a while now..close to a year maybe. but i'm getting that itch to try something new so i've got samples from two companies on their way. hey, t
  15. what would i do? well look a lot worse, i suppose! and plenty of men wear makeup. theres nothing wrong with wanting your skin to look clear and spot-free, male or female. now if you start using blushes, eyeliner, etc..it might be a little feminine. (lol) nothing wrong with that either, though.