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  1. Blonde, Blue eyes and pretty tanned after my recent holiday in Ibiza
  2. Make up has no effect on my spots at all, ive gone weeks without wearing it and no change. I only wear it about 2 times a week now but as i said it has no effect on me
  3. Another vote for D&G light blue. I also like Jlo live and black xs. Does anyone know what Amarni Diamonds smells like?
  4. Ive used the foaming wash from that range and the spot gel but it never really did anything for me. I work at superdrug and get 30% off own label products so i wish it worked for me, id save loads of money lol. I might try the wash your using thou as i havn't tried that one yet. Just one more thing that range is nearly always on offer either 3 for 2 or 2 for £3.99 so its a good price
  5. Maybelline mineral make up (powder one) is brilliant its free from talc and everything else that can cause spots. Plus it has zinc in it which is suppose to be good for spots. As its a powder its very light on your face but covers brilliantly
  6. Im still not sure about applying the Mama lotion i got (some samples), im really worried about a IB and the dryness. Has anyone had success with Mama lotion?
  7. YSL faux curls is really good comes in gold tube, pretty pricy but worth it
  8. I really like the YSL faux lashes mascara, it comes in a gold tube. Pretty pricey but deffiently worth it.
  9. I used the Desert essence thoroughly clean face wash i was clear for about 2 weeks but it slowly stopped working. I still have it and use it because it does make you feel really clean i hope it carries on working for you
  10. Yeah this is what I'm wondering. Anyone with NON-inflamed acne try this with success? I have those stubborn and plentiful little whiteheads (closed comedones) that get inflamed only when I squeeze. Which I don't :rolleyes: I have non inflamed spots and the salt didnt do anything but dry my skin out, terribly aswel. Im the same as you mine only get red when i squeeze them :whistle: I stopped using the salt after only 5 days of using it, maybe to soon but it was drying my skin out terribl
  11. Ive been using my little sample of Mama lotion on my forehead and all the little bumps and spots have gone Ive now got to take the plunge and use it on the rest of my face, im just scared of a IB
  12. Well i only used mine for 4 days but it made my skin really dry and flaky and leading to a few more spots i think. My skin has been nice since i stopped using all the harsh chemical stuff, (still spots but not dry or anything like that) no need for moisturiser or anything. After only 3 days of using this my skin is very dry and tight feeling and i am having to cake on moisturiser as it looks terrible under makeup. I know i didnt give it much time but it obviously doesnt agree with my skin so ive
  13. Im on progesterone cream and have used it for 2 of my cycles so far (in the middle of one at the minute) this time i havnt had a hormonal break out what so ever Im not going to lie and say ive had nothing because i have had a few little whiteheads and tiny red bumps. Compared to my normal week before and week of my period getting about 2 big spots everyday this is a amazing improvement. It has messed with my periods a bit i came on 2 weeks early last time and a week early this time but TBH i
  14. Mine arrived today and i used it tonight, stung a bit but maybe thats because i was picking my face before hand
  15. Thanks for the link ive just ordered the travel size one just in case, ive wasted to much money on spot treatments lol. Lets hope this is the last one
  16. lilmissblonde, I live in the UK too and I got it from Bert & Daisy.. strangely, they seem to have stopped selling it :confused: or maybe they're just out of stock. Anyway, you can def get it in the UK for under a tenner! Don't pay over the odds! Mine took 4 days to deliver, it arrived today - will be sure to keep everyone updated here :catdance: EDIT: try here <-- the third one down is the one myself and citychick are using. It's about the same price I paid. Good luck! 5-7
  17. Okay i really want to try this as it seems to be working great for everyone, i went on the website of the one the OP is using and tried to order it. Well i live in the UK so knew there would be a shipping fee, anyway i go through all the process of ordering it and it says its going to cost $67 for shipping Im sorry but how on earth can it cost $67 to ship a stick of salt?? Is there anywhere else i can get one from? EDIT Is this the one OP http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Crystal-Stick-Body-D...Q2em118Q
  18. lilmissblonde


    Im going to ask to be put on it, just wondering thou it is available in the UK isnt it?
  19. I have the same problem with hormonal spots, they start a few days before my period and then stop once my period finishs and then it starts again the next month. I have never done the diet thing COMPLETLY because im such a fussy eater i would starve if i had to cut out everything i was told to. I have cut down on Wheat i only eat brown bread, and have completly cut out diary, however it didnt really do much. So i wondered if it was actually having a effect so i added everything back i used to ea
  20. After reading up on it i think its the same thing as Orval and that says on the BCP chart that Orval is likely to cause acne Why would my doctor perscribe it to me for spots if it causes them
  21. Ive been perscribed this BCP for spots is it any good?
  22. thank you for the link will have a read about it then maybe place a order thanks again
  23. thank you, do you think taking birth control would benifit more then if DIM stops working?
  24. I was wondering this to, im still unsure of wether to try it. What are the signs of estrogen dominance?