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  1. Yeah, people would give you sh*t about your acne from time to time, so what? The first reason as to why I didn't let acne dictate my life. I didn't care what other people thought of how I looked, looks wasn't going to get me a job, or a college degree. These idiots are going no where with their life. I'm in the military, going to attend college, and become successful. The second reason as to why I didn't let acne dictate my life. I am thankful for the life I have been given. No, I'm not a r
  2. Yes, still dealing with acne scars and minor breakouts here. I didn't do much for the redness/scars after I finished Accutane, besides letting time heal it, now it's been over 4 years. Maybe too late to start but I came back to find some treatment for the scars and remarks that haven't cleared. Goodluck! Hopefully Accutane clears everything up for you and keeps it away this time! I deployed to Iraq in early 2011, aprox. ~3 years after I finished Accutane, fortunately for me I only had minor br
  3. So, it's been awhile approximately 4 years since I've been here. A little about myself, I had REALLY REALLY BAD ACNE. Old post can be found here or below in the quote. I still suffer from mild breakouts here and there, but nothing like before. I went to basic training and advance individual training for the army, which was when I started to really break out (June 2007 - October 2007), came back and started my first year of college in January 2008. The pictures taken in April was pretty much
  4. I thought i'd post an update. I've been on accutane for about 5 months now. to get rid of the remaining pimples that would appear. Just a lot of scarring/brown marks/red marks now. Ill update w/ pictures tomorrow morning.
  5. Morning take minocycline 100mg. Shower. Put on Duac gel. Evening wash face put on Duac gel. Night take minocycline 100mg Wash face, put on Differin gel. Sleep Repeat o.o Yeah i got Vbeam for my red marks. Little down time, i'll get vbeamed in the morning 10am ish. (friday) Rest and relax sat + sunday. Monday off to school.
  6. Medicine April 14 - May 10th / Tetracycline [2x / day] May 10th - June 30th / Minocycline [2x / day] July 1st - August 8th / Nothing August 10th - October 23rd(Present) / Minocycline [2x / day] Gels?? There were some other gels used earlier when i was on tetracycline, and first started minocycline August 10th - October 23rd(Present) / Duac [2x / day] August 10th - October 23rd(Present) / Differin [1 / night] Vbeam August 8th Sept 12th Oct 9th Something like that.
  7. Updated main topic with current picture status. Its been 6 months.
  8. Still no accutane Currently on Tetracycline 500mg 2/day Ziana Gel 1/night Erythromycin Benzoylgel 2/day I think i need a new dermatologist
  9. Went to the derm today she wouldn't put me on accutane until i get insurance. due to the cost of bloodwork/accutane But got teracycline(500mg), Duac Topical Gel, Differin, Benziq and injected my face w/ something i forget --
  10. ---- April 14, 2008 I stumbled upon this website somehow recently i forgot. I have bad acne pics are included in the post I live in the US and i currently don't have insurance I'm trying to get insurance through TriCare. Until then I'm looking for products I can get over the counter Or buy online to help reduce/clear my acne/scars/redmarks? Whatever they are Any Tips/Advice/Suggestions are welcomed. Thanks -Tony (I've already tried proactiv it doesn't seem to work for me) ---- October 22,