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  1. So i heard about the initial breakouts that come with differin and retin A when you apply them to areas of your face with pimples, but do you also get that initial breakout when you use them on scars?
  2. The problem I have with retin A and Dfferin is that they have that initial breakout, which dont want.
  3. Can salicylic acid get rid of deep blackheads? See I know Retin A and Differin work but I dont want to have any sort of a breakout.
  4. i think its stupid to eliminate sugar completely. Just lower your sugar intake.
  5. wouldn't alcohol if anything kill the bacteria?
  6. I bought these protein shakes which have 30g of protein and 1 gram of sugar. I was wondering if its bad for my acne? I dont see why protein is bad and it has only 1 gram of sugar. i would like ur input.
  7. how long does it take for mandelic acid to take effect?
  8. does the mandelic acid make you breakout? or does it just dissolve the blackhead? also i've been on it for two days and nothing yet.
  9. Ok so i got the mandelic acid. THe acid came with another seperate case that says "extol cream." What is it and do I apply it after the mandelic acid or with it or what? Also is mandelic acid only a means of providing an outbreak of blackheads or does it destroy them too? And I have a salyci c acid lotion. Can I use that with it or no?
  10. if you use MA is it like differin in that ur skin will breakout?
  11. If lets say I used Retin A for a while on my forehead and decide to all of a sudden change it to differin, will i still get the initial breakouts that most people do when using differin? Are the retin A breakouts worse or the differin ones?
  12. Its funny cuz I never got worse using retin A. I just kept getting better even from the start.