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  1. im using this now with a GA moisteriser and its working quite well
  2. ive been taking vitamins for about 2 weeks now and to the back end of last week ive been getting horrible spots,has anyone ele had this problem,ive thinking bout stopping but i know alot of things make you worse before it settiles down and ill see the benefits
  3. does anyone use this new sensitive version? it dot seem to have the same antibacterial ingredients as the other on http://www.boots.com/en/Freederm-Sensitive...-150ml_1043975/
  4. ive been quite clear for some time snce i stopped using the regime(wich cleared me up quite good in the first place) and stated using GA face wash and moiusteriser, but ive strated the regime again the last few days and i fogot how much hassle it is and fogot how it wrecks my clothes and the time it takes to put on, think im gunna stop again i cant be arsed to take that ammount of time! to those just starting it or have been on for a while keep at it,it really does work if youhave the patients t
  5. i get my stuff from bravuralondon its great stuff i aleways used to be on this site before i found that webste now this is the first time ive been on in months clears face up great there products do
  6. u dont have to stop using the cleanser im using GA fase wash and moisteriser. i did have a set back but everythings clearing up pretty good now i even add BP now and again
  7. ive never had them before now ive got red bright marks on top of my nose and side of my nose with big lumps under the skin aint got a clue how come im using 10% GA cleanser 15% GA serum 10% GA moistouriser
  8. i brought the peel a while back but i still havnt used it im to scared haha
  9. ive brought one a few months ago but i havnt seen any results as yet apart from ripping the skin off my nose but thats healed now. has any of u tried it and got results
  10. i brought this ages ago i like this alot. i used it for about 4-5 months untill i got GA face wash
  11. try gylcolic acid face wash and moisterisers they work great.thats what im using at moment