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  1. Thanks Brandy for your info... I wonder if anyone reading this has been advised by their doctor NOT to use BP and have been advised to use something else instead and if so what???
  2. Hi Kelly I'm sorry I have not replied before now, thanks you for your lovely reply. I will message you as I have some further questions to ask you. Many thanks Rachie
  3. I wonder if anyone has had similar symptoms and what you did about it?
  4. Just wondering if you got my last post?
  5. Thanks for all your responses. @ faieust - if what is applied to your skin ends up in the blood stream, that would definitely mean it would end up in the fetus' too wouldn't it? @ Spectacled_owl - were you using BP before you got pregnant and if so when did you stop. I'm wondering if I should wait to get pregnant then stop or stop before trying?
  6. Many thanks Zelos for your reply. From what I have read, it seems that this is true but I believe there have never been any tests on pregnant women to know whether this is for certain. Are there any women reading this that are pregnant now and using BP or have been pregnant while using BP and have used it for the whole pregnancy and after birth?
  7. Hi there I have been using the regimen for about 5 years now with continued success, tho just this past week I have had a lot of skin irritation and swelling around my eyes. I have always been careful not to use the treatment near my eyes, however I've noticed in the past 6 months that when applying the treatment, it makes my eyes water and in the last week or so I cannot explain why my skin is becoming red raw, irritated and swollen near (at the top of my cheeks) and around my eyes and around
  8. Hi there First of all this is my first post so I'll introduce myself and say hi and hope you are all doing as well as I have on the regimen. I've been using acne.org cleanser, treatment and moisturiser since 2006 and have had terrific results with it, I used to use Retin A creams with various different moisturisers for my skin type (oily) and have taken oral antibiotics in the past as well but never had as much success as I have with the regimen. Lately tho I have been wondering, what the