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  1. Hi Ladies. I thought I'd chime in here. My 16-year-old daughter took spiro for three months in 2009 and lost 70-80% of her thick beautiful hair. It fell out for months after she stopped the drug. 15 months later she has still not recovered. Her hair is still 70-80% of the thickness it was before spiro. She also had extremely low BP while on it and fainted once. She was taking 25mg per day and weighs 100 lbs. Her pediatrician was extremely worried about her because it also caused extreme
  2. Hi, Soccerplayer. Try Adult Acnomel every night for a week and see if that helps. It's sulfur based and cleared up both of my teenager's bacne perfectly. Dan recommended it and so we thought we'd give it a try. It literally cleared my daughter in less than a week. It's a bit drying a few days in but you can preceed the application with a little moisturizer of your choosing. Good luck. Oh, we found it at Bed Bath and Beyond.
  3. Can you give a little more detail on the product such as it's name/brand, Helio? Thanks for coming back and encouraging all of us.
  4. I wanted to come back to the site after several months away to share encouragement. I came to this website as the Mother of my 15-year-old daughter. Last January thru March her acne "blossomed" from a moderate case on only her forehead to a moderate-to-severe case that spread down her entire face, chest and back. She had been on many different antibiotics, prescription topicals and had accutane recommended as a treatment for the cysts. In my many hours of research I came upon Acne.org and was
  5. I am on these boards for my young teen daughter and I, personally, do not have acne. However, vitamin E is VERY oily in nature and HAS made me breakout. So, if I were you, I'd proceed cautiously. Good luck.
  6. Same thing happened to my 15-yr-old daughter. She broke out after using Dan's AHA. Paula's Choice 8% AHA (glycolic acid gel) has been wonderful though.
  7. Paula's Choice 2% BHA and BP work wonders together. She recommends them. They're not harsh like the products you find in the store. Go to Paula's Choice website and click on the acne links for more information.
  8. My 15-year-old daughter is 5 months in and her skin got WAAAYYYY worse at the 2 month mark. I was sooo discouraged and almost quit. I disagree with Walnut - my child has seen several specialists and tried many, many prescription cures including various antibiotics and topicals. None of them worked for very long - if at all. Anyway, she finally started showing improvement at the three month mark and is mostly clear now with the hyperpigmentation being the only issue. She did, however, bump h
  9. I agree. My 15-year-old daughter had persistent moderate acne with some occasional cysts also. Actually, some of them were very large. The regimen DID clear her finally after 5 - 6 months. And yes, the hyperpigmentation is left in the wake of the cysts and seem to take months to clear.
  10. O.k. Autommatox, I'v been reading your posts for the past week or so and feel your frustration. I am here as the Mother of a 15-year-old with persistent moderate-severe acne. My daughter has been on the regimen for 4, yes 4 months and is STILL not completely clear. Her skin looks MUCH better but she still has cycles of breakouts. They do not last as long and are not nearly as bad as before. So, there is much improvement. I believe, if she persists, she will be completely and consistently
  11. Anyone still using this and if so, how's it working for you all?
  12. I thought this might be the best forum to place this question since most of you are here because you're now clear. My daughter is 15 weeks into DKR and still breaking out. She has had SOME success and SOME setbacks. She definately has many red marks like most of you here. Are any of you clear because of DKR or some variation of it? I would describe her acne as moderate to severe with mostly pustules and papules but also some small cysts. I'm beginning to think this regimen isn't the one th
  13. Lucas, my daughter uses it morning and evening after BP and moisturizing. Sometimes she mixes the moisturizer with the aloe for a single step process. Yes, that is the stuff she's using. It has some other antioxidants in it like Vit. A, C and E. But, it's still great stuff and has the approval of the Aloe something society which is supposed to be some sort of seal of approval for a more pure product as far as the gel itself goes. You can use it once or twice a day, mix it with your moisturi
  14. Lucas h, I'd recommend an AHA like Dan's or Paula's Choice in addition to Aloe Vera. If you get a little irritated from the AHA, the Aloe will calm the irritation. My daughter is seeing GREAT results from the aloe. She's not using her AHA every day but does use the aloe vera morning and night. Sometimes she puts additional aloe on in the middle of the day. Whether or not you need a moisturizer with the aloe depends on your skin and the other products you're using. My daughter is currently
  15. Careful, Lyssa. I'm 42 years old and a few years back I was lured by an add marketing a stretch mark cream as a wrinkle solution. I don't struggle with acne any longer but my child does (hence, the reason I'm on this site) but that cream caused me to break out! Be sure to check all the ingredients. Hey, by the way, how's the aloe vera working for you? My daughter and I absolutely LOVE it! Her red marks are fading by the day with the aloe AND an AHA.