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  1. So looking for some help here: (please take a second from researching cures cures:) ) Took tane 20 years ago. Been well aware of the affects it has had on my life since then. Been mostly living a life trying to be tough through it all. Gave up on dermatologists and doctors pretty early on due to frustration and dismissing because I was young and appeared healthy. (Side affects early on after treatment- still persist today) -dry skin everywhere including eyes -redness and ting
  2. So how would you describe the affects of the ginkgo? "Best thing you've done for your brain health". How does it make your brain feel? 20 years now dealing with host of issues. Familiar with the forum-been here and posted years ago. Been around the block. Does it also have affects on the stiff muscles in the neck and other areas? My Meiners has gotten particularly bad and headed back to ENT. I've been in a fog with such little mental energy and ability to deal with stress for years now (ot