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  1. she sounds extremely closed-minded, but the sunburn thing really does work. just not in the way that she says.
  2. hey guys, i'm not on here nearly enough considering how "picky" i am, but trust me i'm with all of you in the struggle. (i'm going to bold the methods since i like to type a lot!) anyway, i wanted to share with you all a couple of methods to reduce picking that i've found actually work. a while ago when i had my own apartment, i covered up all of my mirrors in cloths, and brought the biggest one into my dark bedroom with no lights, so that i could just see how my outfits looked. it turned out
  3. i use their little concealer sticks, they've never broken me out! are they the ones with the regular and oil-free kinds? the oily kinds were smooth and spready, but like cello said i would look greasy later. no difference in breaking out between them but the oil-free line stays directly on acne better.
  4. that rubber band thing SO works. i think i snapped it a little too hard. am now afraid to idly touch my skin again while watching svu. >.< also, might i recommend casual nail filing of the typical picking fingers. mine are such stubs, i wouldn't succeed in picking if i tried and usually give up after a few minutes.
  5. no input? well, for the record, it is really effective. and it's been 2 weeks since i've taken it orally, so it is not residual.
  6. okay, i am currently on amoxicillin for an infection, and i was WONDERING why the past few days my face has felt AMAZINGly smooth and not in pain. normally, i have tons of horrible cysts and a bunch of other random pimples, and i also have an exacerbating picking problem. but since starting the course of amoxicillin, i haven't found much to pick at! anyways, happiness aside, i am also on birth control, and would not like to have an exacerbating baby problem (although i hear you clear up during
  7. i pour a little into my bottle of jojoba, (shake it up) and cover my whole face in that. i'm actually covered in it right now. the combination does a great job of drying out oily skin for the next day or two, and actually i like the smell when it's diluted like this i've also placed it (full-strength) on areas as spot treatment, and maybe i have extra resilient skin, but never noticed any drying up and falling off of cysts or pimples... unfortunately :l
  8. i was on dan's regimen for over a year, and besides it taking so long to apply, i could never exfoliate my skin often enough. it was always so peely!! so i ordered some ibu gel from a uk site, and at first i was glopping on a lot thinking that would kill any inflammation, but i broke out just as much... so instead i put on only a pea-sized amount and spread it real thin all over... not even twice a day, i'm actually pretty lazy with it, like once every other day or every 3 days... and somehow, s
  9. i have had several moles removed from my body, and my brothers some from their faces, and the scars left are definitely not more noticeable than the mole. yes they're lighter than your skin, but it looks sooo much nicer and they kinda shrink to be slightly smaller than what the mole was. maybe it's that me and my siblings are extremely pale that makes the light scar invisible, i dunno. but, oh, i also had this cyst on the side of my nose like you that i ripped at for a few months before giving
  10. ah! thats better ... in my experience with electric razors, they would sometimes catch and pluck the hairs out instead of just cutting them...which would obviously lead to ingrown hairs, which is what you're getting. (i found that BP after shaving sensitive skin reduces ingrown hairs!) i do not think an electric razor would spread bacteria any more than a razor blade, but it may help to disinfect it with alcohol beforehand and use aftershave right after? see if that helps.
  11. i'm not into the holistic approach to acne, as i could never give up milk or chocolate!!! so i'm not sure about the ingredients, but i CAN tell you that a brand called Newman's Own, is completely organic and they make cookies, oreo replicates and everything, and they're still really good. my mom will always buy those as our "junk food", and she's crazy into her health. so i think they'd be good for you. :]
  12. well that's not fair to your girlfriend at all. spend all your time thinking about her
  13. wash in johnson's head-to-toe baby wash, rinse, slather on jojoba oil, apply as much benzoyl peroxide as different areas of my face can stand without hurting, go do other things for about 30 minutes while it absorbs naturally, then pat off the oil with a towel. just read people's signatures for ideas, hehe.
  14. i concur. these had better be some nasty inflamed cysts for you to start such a severe regimen. XD don't even worry gosh just spot treat.