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  1. When i was in my teens a continously used to drinkup thurs fri sat + my diet consisted of mac's, kebabs, all JUNK. My skin was yukkk breaking out everday, oily..came to a point were i made excuses not to go out with friends..sad i know.. I went to the derm and have tried all diff types of antibiotics + creams prescribed for me..it helped..soon as i stopped the ACNE would return. I adopted a healthy lifestyle. I did it gradually, for e.g eating clean most days lean meats plent of greens drinkin
  2. lipton green tea not good for hormonal acne in my experience
  3. I pump the the RNB and POP LOCK and drop by myself, AhHAhHaHA It relieves the stress:P
  4. Ive been suffering acne for over 5 years(1-2 pimples per month) At the end of 07 i started a new role, which was very stressful at the start. I BROKE out like crazy along my jaw line >.< For me, Stress irriatates the acne. I exercise everyday weights+cardio training, this has helped my mind and relief stress from work.
  5. hi all , My derm has prescribed me to use the tretinoin for the next 18-24 months for my red marks. Ive been using this topical treatment since feb 08'. I keep getting new breaks outs every week.(i have seen improvement since the start) I was thinking to let them heal naturally by only using cleanser and mosturizer. Using this medicine for this period of time seem normal?anyone else been prescribed for this treatment? i was even thinking about a 2nd opion from another derm... Any help would
  6. Heys, I know that feeling of being cautious everytime you go out. IT SUX!!!. I had i massive breakout at the begininng of the year which left alot of red pigment marks behind. I have used tretinoin @ a strength of 0.1% each night before bed since Feb'. It got alot worse for first 4 weeks, i had a 1 week break. Was even thinking of giving the stuff up. I Continued on.... Until this very day the red marks are beginning to match my olive skin complexion. (still get small breakout every now