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  1. Go and buy Verteporfin on the internet, inject in scars' edges
  2. Read the papers, in none of the papers they mention acne scars. If anything they have enlightened the mechanism of fibrosis development and how to PREVENT it, at best the drug could be used to PREVENT acne scars from fresh acne lesions, not miraculously cure atrophic existing acne scars. Even if the fibrosis challenge gets solved,there still remains the atrophy problem. Ditto! If it did mean that results on pigs would mean results on humans, nobody would be spending billions on re
  3. We can discuss. It is what we are doing right now, aren't we? But we also see how people are looking to buy expensive experimental drugs which haven't been proven to work yet lol
  4. We also have to be realistic and not create hype over an experimental drug still in the animal testing phase. Undoubtedly insights into scar formation are valuable but it is the lack of treatment which has always been the problem for regenerative medicine. You will be surprised how many drugs are being tested experimentally for different conditions other than what they have been approved for with no success.
  5. I second that! There are two many ifs ifs. Researchers will test all hypotheses, that's what they are paid to do. But at the current state of this drug's research they are faaar faaar away from any significant progress to using the drug for scar treatment purposes. Still on animal testing phase, still no definite results there. Moreover, pigs' skin is not human skin. Cleft lip surgeries are not acne scars. It will be decades until they can even come closer to fda approval for scars. IF it works
  6. Pig studies? Even if it works on pigs it doesn't mean it will work on humans. It will take decades before studies on humans are over and it gets fda approved for scars.
  7. Is this fda approved or just another scam? The idea of a drug for scar treatment seems too far-fetched.
  8. thank you I am hoping for more improvement with the next treatments. I don't know about other reviews, I wanted to chime in here because I saw improvement from this treatment combination. Even the deep scars improved if only by 10-20%. My goal is not to advertise the doctor just to share experience. For the time being I don't feel comfortable sharing photos but I might if I get more improvement. In my experience rf needling isn't a scam.
  9. I would say 20-30 % overall improvement, 80% for shallow scars, 20% for deeper scars. While it is true that some doctors promise more than they can deliver, in my experience all have been very honest. We are all different and react to treatments differently so nobody knows what results you will get in the end. Side effects are always a concern but a good dermatologist should keep the risk to a minimum.
  10. It takes at least 2, better yet 3-4 treatments for results. Give it another try and time!
  11. A year. Two treatments combined with subcision. I am sure I will see more improvement if I do more. Improvement is undoubtedly there even though it is mostly noticed with the shallower issues. Other more severe scars haven't improved much but overall I am happy I got the treatment.
  12. It is not a scam. It gave results in my case but they are subtle to moderate. It can improve shallow scarring and also tightens the skin.