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  1. Just something to keep in mind - most people with long-term sucess (several years) won't be posting here as their acne will be long in the past for them.
  2. They say that even months after completing treatment that red marks/scars will show marked improvements. So if I were you, I'd wait it out.
  3. Well I started accutane 1.5 weeks ago 20mg/day to begin with and I use creatine every second day pre-workout, and I am going for a blood test next week, I will let you know how it goes. Oh and correct me if I am wrong, but accutane does not dry the body, it reduces the output of the sebacous gland thus causing a dry face.
  4. I used ZenMed a couple of years ago. It seemed quite good, but I've never had really bad acne so I can't comment on just how good it is. If you want my opinion: there are better ways of spending your money. But I still encourage you to try it and let us know how it goes.
  5. thanx for the suggestions sunny, however I must disagree, the differin & Salicylic acid dry out my face all day long, so oiliness is not really an issue. Besides, being at work takes up most of my day and I like to get to bed early, so there can really only be two cycles. I'm thinking I might increase the Salicylic acid to 3% (keralyt gel), seeing as my face rarely gets irritated. I strongly believe salicylic acid is just as effective as BP at controlling acne, without the associated drynes
  6. No not yet, I was just after opinions on the new regimen, at the moment however I am using Salicylic & Differin in the morning, at first my skin was irritated easily, but now no irritation. I get occasional redness but no peeling at all. And occasionally I get irritation but only following shaving or microdermabrasion. My current regimen looks like this http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php...=194296&hl=
  7. I've been on minocycline & differin for 4 months, and clindamycin for 1 month and I'm still getting outbreaks, mostly in the T-zone, so I think it time for a new regimen. I have two months left on minocycline, so I'll finish the 6 months and not take it again. So here is the regimen: AM: Cleanse with cetaphil Salicylic acid 2% wait 5 minutes Differin (0.1%) PM: Cleanse with cetaphil Finacea Moisturise with "Intense repairing lotion":
  8. nah no sunscreen, but the longest I spend in the sun is about 15 minutes during the drive to the train station in the morning.
  9. Hi, thanks for that. I have the liquid based clindamycin. I'll start tonight.
  10. Hi everyone. I'm a long-time lurker, but decided today to register. I have very mild acne, however my problem is that I have this terrible habit of picking at it, resulting in unsightly blemishes. At the moment: my regimen is as follows ---MORNING--- -Cleanse with cetaphil -Apply 2% salicylic acid, wait 5 minutes -Apply Differin in spots where neded -50mg Minocycline on empty stomach 2 hours later ---NIGHT--- -Cleanse with johnsons & johnsons Benzoyl peroxide 5%, leave on for 30 secs. -