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  1. From what I hear, it's pretty hard to find a truly effective home remedy. I dunno though and I'm hoping you find some success, I'm anxious to find some kind of treatment too.
  2. Any results at all Jaerid? Minuscule or otherwise? Does it feel like it's helping?
  3. That's terrible to hear, and although I have no solid solution to your problem I just wanted to post to let you know you're not alone and that I and many others here know the pain and embarrassment. What you could try (and what I've been researching lately) is taking a cold shower. Not icy and freezing, just cool. From what I read it helps clogs up pores or some such and may assist. Remember, cool!! Not freezing! Don't overdo it! Apparently you take a normal shower for the first half of
  4. Hello! I've actually had the same concern. I'm going to start trying tonight, and from what I read from my Googling is that you want to start off the way you normally do and then on the last half of your shower try a cooler (not necessarily freezing) temperature. So if you take 10 minute showers, start 5 minutes off as you would normally, and in the last 5 minutes try cooling it down. Good luck to us both ;)
  5. oh my gosh i hate car mirrors in the day time!!!! Haha i thought it was only me that thought this. I guess car mirrors do make u look the worst. Should i really be celebrating that Wow that actually makes me feel much better, so it's everyone that looks a little worse in car mirrors?? Whenever I saw it it looked much worse than anywhere else, and it felt terrible, but I digress. Anyways, about the whole mirror situation: I'm the same way OP. I hate looking at myself becau
  6. Hey guys I went to the doctor's (a clinic) to discuss my acne, and he prescribed me the cream and teh pills. (tretinoin cream and tetracycline pills). The things is, from what I've read on the itnernet, I'm scared. I'm already uncomfortable enough wtih my acne as is (moderate), but I dont' want it to become full on severe. How do I know if it'll work right or not? I just don't want to go to school after this Thanksgiving break with my face reaching whole new levels of acne?? Also is there
  7. Wow, you look great! What's the time difference between the w/o marks and w/marks pictures??? I've had mine since middle school (sophomore in high school now), like THE FREAKIN' 6TH GRADE and the persistent marks STILL will not fade!!! They dont' even LOOK like they're getting better!!!!
  8. I've heard that eating well and drinking water are unrelated to acne, while some people say it is. I went ahead and tried it out, and I noticed that, coupled wtih my acne medications, I've been developing more white heads, like 4 or 5 that popped up over night. I know now to not touch them, and I've been avoiding that for the past two days, so here's what I'm wondering: is that BETTER? That might sound somewhat ridiculous, but after the whitehead develops, it'll go away, and since I'm not to
  9. Ah!!!! Thanks for making this thread I thought I was the only one who had those kind. When you find something that drastically helps please feel free to messege me!!!
  10. Lol baby ass soft. Well, I might try this. It better work >.>