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  1. I purchased some Fish Oil, which at first I as taking 4 of a day but it gave me an upset stomach. So I'm working on my way up from 2 a day to 4 a day. When abouts did you start seeing the effects of Fish Oil? Did it really help your skin? Your mood? Also, can someone please give me the run down of Jojoba oil and Emu Oil? What are there benefits? Have you tried either? Did they break out you like I've read they can sometimes do? Pros and cons of each oil? Did either of them help with dealing w
  2. I'm not doing 2 full pumps right now. Eep. My skin is so super sensitive. I'm building up, albeit slower than the regimen suggests but I know what my skin can handle.
  3. As mentioned before I'm fair-skinned and it's also very sensitive. I decided to start with washing twice a day, apply a moisturizer in the morning, and at first a half pump of BP at bedtime, followed by lotion. I've managed to work myself up to a full pump of BP, but my face stings pretty badly when I apply the lotion afterwards. My face is pretty red, and I'm still having breakouts. My acne is what I consider to be mild, with a few zits breaking out on my chin, and tiny bumps on my forehead.
  4. 1200mg supplement, label says for serving size of 2 capsules is 2400mg, EPA(432mg) and DHA(288mg). Thanks in advance!
  5. I had to give my skin a day's break from the BP. It was stinging incredibly bad, and extremely red and dry. It seemed to help. To recap, I wash twice a day, but only apply half a pump of BP to my face, nightly. To help with the dryness (especially on days I plan on wearing make-up) I apply some coconut oil to my face in the morning, and rub it in. I then let it sit on for a few minutes to reap the benefit of this stuff. The day's break seemed to help. My face isn't stinging as bad. So what's
  6. I use EM in conjunction with my MAC. I was a solely EM user but after having my daughter, my skin went awry so I started combining. I'm a sunkissed intensive, with homage to the green concealer and Girl's Day blush.
  7. I love my coconut oil. Could I use that in place of Jojoba?
  8. Hmm. I keep reading about Jojoba Oil. I love Coconut Oil. Is this a good option?
  9. Nope. I've only been doing half a pump of BP once daily. I've got St. Ives scrub, how's that for exfoliating? I also read about this: Shiseido skin polisher?
  10. Ugh, so I'm on Day 6 and I've got pretty dry skin despite tons of moisturizing. I use mostly MAC make-up, so it's not the make-up. Any suggestions on getting rid of the flakes so I can have a flawless set for my make up?
  11. The first day after using the products my skin was dry, and stung. Now, on day 6, my skin is super super dry despite tons of moisturizing. It even stings when I apply the lotion. Ouch. My make-up looks horrible b/c of the dryness. Is there any suggestions on this? I've read that some people start to experience really bad breakouts after the first week. I can see the regimen beginning to work. The small bumps on my forehead are steadily dissipating. I just know I'm to face of storm of acne soon
  12. I started it last night, and woke up with a slightly greasy face. So I do the morning routine, and the BP is stinging my face just lightly. Is this normal on the regimen?
  13. I am 24, and have mild acne. Mostly many tiny bumps on my forehead, and breaking out on my chin. I am fair-skinned, and my skin would get irritated using AcneFree like I was supposed to. I'm really worried about the redness, and drying out as my skin is sensitive. Is there something to battle this I need to think of purchasing? Also, what about the use of make-up while on the regiment? How do I fit that in? And tanning?
  14. Is it worthy a try for me? My chin area breaks out, and I have many tiny bumps on my forehead. My skin tone is slightly uneven as well.