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  1. "It will take decades" No, it won't: 1) Works on the pigs whose skin is closest to human skin 2) It is already approved by FDA (for eyes) 3) Has big interest from hair loss community
  2. You know verteporfin is literally closest thing we have right now for scarless healing, why would it take decades for it to be approved for scars when it is already in use and is approved by FDA for eyes. Pigs are not mice, they are similar to humans, if it works for them there is a big chance that it will work for humans too. You came here just to say that the closest thing we have right now for scarless healing is decades away, so by your logic we will have nothing for decades. Just leave alre
  3. The main concern is both because we got old from waiting so long for scarless healing.
  4. Verteporfin should work on wrinkles too, they could remove wrinkled skin and regenerate it as a new wrinkle free skin. It would be great to remove both wrinkles/fine lines and scars.
  5. Why would microcoring even need verteporfin, microcoring should work very good on its own.
  6. Of course we should stay optimistic no matter what, what else can we do, get depressed and kill ourselves? Science is increasing exponentially, we know more about skin and scars than ever, there is a hope, a cure will come, and after it comes it will get better and better.