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  1. People are self testing it as of now. We’ll see the results in like 3 months or so from now.
  2. If you would have read the forum previously, then you would have seen this has already been posted in regards to verteporfin. He literally responds to every real itself question. It’s probably not even him, just one of his staff members.
  3. https://doctrc.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/SummaryComingSoon-1.pdf This website will post their project summary when they have a plan for clinical trials. No information as of now, but clinical trials will probably start late 2022 or 2023.
  4. I do, but it doesn’t let me send the pdf through my phone. Join the telegram about verteporfin: https://t.me/+KJXa-QIJyg9hOTRh Most of the updates are on there anyways.
  5. For verteporfin, we only have the mouse study. I don’t think the dosage from the mouse study would be a good reference. I wish the pig study would have been published by now so we would have a clear picture. I don’t know if the wound edges would be applicable to large scale burns but Longaker said he hopes to use this treatment for burns also.
  6. I've been looking into this and the faki hydrogel has been in development since 2017. At least, they have had funds since 2017. There are patents filed since 2019 about using this method. They know what stops scarring, and wanted to repurpose a drug(Verteporfin) so it would be easily accessible. The FAKI research has been before the verteporfin research. The link to the FAKI project summary: https://doctrc.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/Gurtner.pdf Hoping that we can see some results
  7. Lmaoo. It’s weird how emer knows that verteporfin will never be approved or helpful. It’d be better if he said there is no proof or research done with verteporfin and humans, but he goes straight to a definitive no. He’d rather push shitty treatments that are overpriced.
  8. If verteporfin or the faki inhibitors can work on humans as shown in mice/pigs, then they can just take the silicone out when excising the scar. I’m guessing the silicone was injected right beneath the acne scar; therefore, they can take it out.
  9. Someone emailed Dr. Chen who is the co-author of the verteporfin study and lead author of the faki + hydrogel study!
  10. The results in pigs with Verteporfin haven't been published yet. However, they used something different that basically does the same thing as verteporfin would. In that study, it showed regeneration but not complete regeneration.
  11. The pig trials with VS-6062 weren't completely scarless right? Or am I wrong? It wasn't complete regeneration but it was just reduced scarring.
  12. Verteporfin is being tested for other types of stuff other than scarring due to it being a YAP inhibitor. Interesting stuff for sure. Also, I saw an article where it stated that Verteporfin market is predicted to have an overwhelming hike in revenues between 2021 and 2027. Only time will tell how effective it will be. It seems like the pig trials are taking forever lmao
  13. You're not wrong at all, but what else are we supposed to discuss lol. There's nothing else out there as of now that shows evidence of regeneration. We can be realistic and still be hyped over Verteporfin. If anything claims regeneration, it will be brought up in this forum. That's the point of the forum. No one is claiming it'll work the same on humans as it does on mice, but it's nice to see that they are continuing this research onto humans. We don't know the outcome yet. This is just a
  14. I feel you, but past inventions such as microcoring don't dictate the future. Even if this doesn't work on humans, it's still a breakthrough on understanding scarring. I do agree with you that managing expectations is the best thing to do. Hopefully, it will work. If it doesn't, then we just have to continue living life.
  15. Well I suppose. No one is saying this will work 100%. They can't just test this on humans without any evidence it'll work. So they have to test it on pigs right? Their skin is closer to ours. We still have to see if it'll work on humans. The researchers have already filed patents and are going to test this on cleft lip surgery. If this does work, it's not going to be decades. Major emphasis on if.
  16. Well it is fda approved... just not for scarring. That's what makes this even more promising. However, we have to wait and see the pig studies. I mean this is a scientific study conducted by researchers that have spent decades on this. Not some company trying to sell you something. So I don't think it is a scam.
  17. This is from folliclethought.com which has to do with verteporfin
  18. Im guessing excision of the scar, then inject verteporfin into the edges of the wound?
  19. So was sunogel just a sham? I've been reading the forum and seen that Dr.Sun claimed to have full regeneration in pigs and mice.He even had photo evidence right? However, there has never been any news on human trials. Is anyone in contact with him anymore? Also, wouldn't his hydrogel be making news everywhere if it did produce full regeneration as we've seen with verteporfin. Sunogel seemed to be a big achievement with no news coverage at all. Quite disappointing.