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  1. ogskillzalot

    Skeptical about Accutane?! Look Here!!!

    The magical goodness of Accutane!!! ...summed up in just four pictures My five month journey on accutane... wondering do I really need a sixth??
  2. ogskillzalot

    These dude has to go

    lol the thing is this guy makes millions of dollars going out on tv and doing his thing,the acne probably doesnt bother him at all, but we on the other hand.. all we get are stares and snickers...
  3. ogskillzalot

    Is your acne itchy?

    trust me man your not the only one with that problem.. when i was severe a couple months back i honestly wanted to just take a potato peeler and just go to work on the cysts because they were huge and nagging as hell with the itching and the sight of them..
  4. nothin much just... ACCUTANE CHANGING MY LIFE!!!!

    1. Hey whats up to you 2, cool 2 hear from you.

      1. uh a couple of quick questions... did you feel like your hair was falling out before the accutane??? when on accutane did your hair fall out or thin? did the thinning hair grow back?? and last of all how can i combat the thinning hair? accutane vets plz help!!!!!
      2. yea, the accutane works but its not the best remedy for the situation unless you have really bad acne because it has alot of side effects...

        and plus it rapes your face lol.

        why dont you put up a pic in the gallery for people to see how severe you are

        1. yo man im sorry 4 botherin u since i dnt no u but i seen ur black && im black 2 && i have bad acne 2 so shud i try accutante? the thing iz that im not trynna fuk with them side effects cuz acne iz already ruined my life && depressing i dont wanna kill myself b/c of a side effect wen im on accutante lol . but 4real plz comment back thnx

          1. ogskillzalot

            acne conglobata

            your a stronger person than I...
          2. ogskillzalot

            is this a cyst? please check *pics*

            bro thats a huge freaking cyst...
          3. what do i do if i lose my iPledge card???
          4. ogskillzalot

            (Accutane users) how do i deal with joint pain

            thanks all I am two months in though but i do a great deal of running and plan on increasing this summer soo... i guess ill just have to fight throught the pain untill it leaves thanks though
          5. ogskillzalot

            Gonna end the misery

            lol if you kill yourself then you'll be a statistic, just the dead kind
          6. I want to do track again next year, but my joints seem to hurt after a little bit of rough housing and strenuous running so I'm asking has anyone had any joint pain while on accutane and how did you deal with it? also is there a way to not have them???