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  1. I am 30 years old female, I suffered from acne scar for the last 15 years. I believe I have a mix of all kind of scar kind ( rolling, ice pick and boxcar ) I would say it is moderate and not sever but still though I tried everything possible but what I got after a lot of time, effort, burn and money spent is 20% only of improvement. I tried all kinds of laser, fraxel, Co2 , infinity and e-matrix but they just improved the llok of my skin , but my scar remain the same. I am depressed . My last h
  2. I have the same problem, and I am very down beccause of my skin. I have seen many good reviews about her and I am not sure if I should go. The prices are extremely expensive in Boston and i AM NOT SURE WHY plus not the majority are familiar with subcision. Please let me know which DR you went too in NY and did you find any improvment?