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  1. You are saying that you only have one zit in the week now. How was your condition before going on undecylenic acid. Bcz if you are now getting only one zit a week and if that improvement is going to sustain then I guess it is a big improvement, this also clearly establishes that this condition stems from gut. And about loose stools well I get them everyday so maybe my condition is worse than yours.
  2. That's great, did this also resolve the gut issues, if any, faced by you?
  3. So did this start after accutane? Also, dermatologists dont know shit about conditions like these all they can do is dole out drugs that can only suppress the symptoms, nothing else, if we have to fix this problem, fixing our gut microbiome is the only way and it is going to take some effort.
  4. Were u on any kind of medication like antibiotics or accutane before getting this condition or was depression (which can also alter gut microbiome drastically) the only trigger?
  5. Yes u can call it SIBO which is nothing else nut gut dysbiosis. If u dont have FMT in your country you can also try the DIY way. Get a healthy donor and make him go through the screening tests just to know that he is not suffering from any infection himself. I know it's a bit tedious but u can find a lot of articles which will guide u step-by-step. One more thing that i would like to ask is do u also get these zits in your scalp at times?
  6. Guys i too have loose stools ever since i got this condition. Moreover my stomach also gets upset when i consume alcohol. I have also developed intolerance to a lot of food items. It is suffice to say that this condition is a manifestation of our gut dysbiosis. Our microbiome is completely off track. We have to stop treating it as a skin condition. We gotta find a way to fix our gut microbiome. I have tried a lot of probiotics but they are useless. The only thing that can fix our microbiota is F
  7. That's great, at what time of the day do you take fish oil. Also, is it fine on your stomach as i have noticed that most of us guys who have this problem also suffer from gut issues.
  8. That's great mate. Have you stopped using BP completely, i mean is it enough to just use HOCL alone? And did u get this condition after accutane or antibiotics?