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  1. Thank you so much! I read the FAQ not sure why my doc is recommending the bellafill as a first line, apparently they treat lots of acne scarring here and she was recommended to me by other derms in the area. I read the FAQs but am still a bit confused as to whether to keep up microneedling at all, I know you said its more maintenance and it sounds like CO2 laser is typically just the last thing to do just to even things out correct? Is microneedling generally better than than and I know you said
  2. Is there literally ANYTHING that will disguise deep acne scars? Most of mine are boxcar or rolling...
  3. I know its been awhile since you posted this but I had pyoderma faciale. It was the most horrible experience of my life. I was 28.
  4. I had pyoderma faciale and according to docs have every type of scar type in different combinations, most are boxcar or rolling with some ice pick and 2 hypertrophic. What are your thoughts on treatments working for these?
  5. I mostly have boxcar scars but some are rolling and a few ice pick. Here are some pics but not the clearest. What are the biggest risks?
  6. I have had 3 microneedling treatments with PRP and don't see much improvement (~5%). I was told I have every possible type of acne scar. Most are boxcar, then rolling, then icepick, and 2 hypertrophic ones. I had pyoderma faciale at 28 and am now 33. I have included pictures (not as clear or as bad as in person of course) and am looking for advice as to whether or not to try fraxel CO2 laser, bellafill or something else. How much improvement could I even hope to see? Looking for the best results
  7. Microneedling with PRP made minor improvements, I have LOTS of piting still. Is Bellafill a good treatment for this? Is there much difference? Does it last like its supposed to?
  8. I just finished 3 microneedling sessions with PRP and have noticed only a 5-10% improvement. I'm not sure whether to proceed with CO2 laser or not, its really costly and has a lot of down time. Anyone try both and have an opinion?
  9. Looking for recommendations for a doctor to treat my acne scars in Virginia or West Virginia.
  10. Good option for maintaining clear skin

    Using this after accutane and I'm doing wonderful! Its helped a bit with my fine lines (I'm over 30), but not as much as I had hoped or I would give it 5 stars. It does dry you out a bit, so use every other day at first and/or in the winter if needed. So far so good! I've been on this about a year and a half.
  11. Just a quick update since its been awhile! Check out my gallery, as I have added a new picture of my progress at the end of 7 months!!! This feels like FOREVER! I've been getting depressed lately because I do have both atrophic and hypertropic scars and lingering red marks that the picture doesn't do justice to, but it helps to get back on here and look at my old photos to see how much better it is. I am supposed to be doing an 8th month and had to take off a week because I got about 5 styes in
  12. Ending 7 months. Gets 3-5 new pustules a week still. Now getting them in places I never did before (collarbone/chest). Old ones from beginning still linger, one even popped somewhat today (hard matter inside unlike before when it was liquid). Only have a month left on the meds then I have to go off for my own good... I'm petrified...
  13. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr..... So I feel A LOT better about the acne than I did at the beginning and it keeps getting better and better, but I still have old actives and am getting like 3-5 new small ones every week and I'm at 6 1/2 months!!!!!!!!!!!! Why am I not clear yet? Why am I still getting new ones??? I am and have always been on a very high dose (60mg per day and I weigh 50kg). My doc doesn't get why I'm still breaking out and is only giving me 1 and 1/2 more months. I'm well over the 120-150m
  14. I am finishing month 6 in 2 days. I'll be on accutane for 8 months according to my doctor. Getting better slowly but still not fully clear and still getting tiny (mild) acne. Weirdly, its mostly around my eyes where I never really got acne before but it goes away quicker than the cysts do/did. I'm freaking out I'm not clear. I weigh 50kg and have been on 60mg since day 1. I hope that it gets better by the time I'm off. I don't want to be on it longer than 8 months and doc doesn't plan on letting