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  1. Californiaestie: Thanks! I think if I go in for a facial, I will def. do with out the extractions to see how my skin does. Does every facial include extractions? I'm thinking of getting an acne facial--- are those too intense for the first one? I want to even out my skin a bit, get out blackheads, and have my skin be more hydrated. Thanks everyone for the input!
  2. Intersting, I've never heard of silk peels, I'll def. look into it. Thanks!
  3. I agree Giovanni is pretty amazing, I've been using the Triple Tea Tree but its a pain to find my ulta is always sold out. I would recommend it as well, and i've tried quite a few shampoos but I always end up coming back to this one.
  4. After coming home for winter break my face has started to break out again, most recently its been at its worse. A friend of mine recommended facials but I've never had one done. I've looked into some places and I found a great spa that concentrates mostly on facials and skin treatments. It has glowing reviews on Yelp with people saying its been really helpful for their skin. I just wanted to know if its a good idea or not. If you've gotten facials what has your experience been like? Would you re
  5. Thanks! This was def. helpful in knowing what to do.
  6. Has anyone else heard or used rice water to wash their face, use as a toner or mask? I've read that it has many benefits for troubled skin, it helps in controlling oil production, and delivers many nutrients.
  7. If you've recently started putting yourself out there, give it time. Don't try to rush into something just because you haven't had a gf. I honestly think there is nothing wrong with you physically, your quite a attractive man, but if you do feel emotionally distraught then maybe you should seek medical help to get your self-esteem up again. Hopefully with time everything should work out just fine for you. Btw, if it makes you feel any better I'm 21 and I've never even been on a date much less
  8. When I overheard my aunt telling my cousin how she thought no one would love me because of my skin. I should have blown it off, but it fueled my insecurities and I seriously questioned if anyone would ever love me for years.
  9. Hello back, my new friend Soul2quz.

  10. Well hello my new friend tick.

  11. So, you're taking the form of niacin that is less safe, that doctors use to lower cholesterol, that has never been studied with acne. Why not take the form that is much safer, that has been studied and shown to be successful in reducing acne symptoms? Just got a grudge against your liver? Roll your own Nicomide. Isnt the time released type the least safe? Niacin is suppose to be hurtful to your liver in high doses usually stated at 1300 milligrams or if you really want to be safe at 500, I'm
  12. I've been taking the flush kind for a few days now and well I don't flush, at all. There is no tingling, getting warm, or redness. Has anyone else experienced this? I'm taking natures way, Nicotinic Acid 100mg. I've actually been breaking out a little bit more, just one or two more pimples. But still, I wonder if its because of niacin, or possibly because I was overstressed from mid-terms. I'm gonna keep on it for about 2 more weeks, and see how it works.
  13. Thanks! The link and ideas def. helped. I've actually have proper meals most days now, instead of a binge on goldfish.
  14. I don't have the meal plan since I have a kitchen in my dorm room. Though I did hear our dining hall's food is quite gag worthy. vegan: thats a good idea I'll try to pre-make food, or at least pre-chop it. Thanks! I wish I could freeze stuff, but our freezer is uber small and very tightly packed.