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  1. Wow, i'm sorry but this is a case where you say, "don't listen to everything people tell you" Why is it? it worked....
  2. Hmm yeah, but maybe its because im dialooting it with water? might be making it just right?? I dont know but I have put up a guide to exactly what i did so if anyone wants to see if it works for them aswell they can do. I have not yet experienced any drying in my face, hopefully i wont, but we will see how it goes Yeah I plan to, im not going to change it in any way, its clearing me up and I want it to keep doing so Hmm, I will have a look at that, Im not going to use untill im to
  3. Hmm, it seems to be working, its an odd thing to put on your face but it worked with me, i think it works with the BP because there is a slight burning (more of a soothing burn) on my face, since ive been using it there is a huge improvement! Saliycilic acid? where can i find that? Im not sure i want to risk it, I think im just going to keep on doing what im doing now if the red marks disappear after a while, just incase I disturb somthing and it never works again. I realy suggestion people
  4. today i woke up, still there cant seem to get rid of this, pllllleeease anybody
  5. pwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeesssssssssseeeeeeeeeee there must be somthing i can do to get rid of that???? im sooooooo close to clear skin!! I wana start living my life again
  6. I started the regimen mmmmmmmmmmoooooooooonnnnnnnnnnntttttttthhhhhhhhhhhhs back, and i kept to it, the first few weeks i was clear as crystal, but after that the following months it was back to normal, almost as if there was no effect anymore. I kept my BP in date, i used the right amount, even over dosed towards the end, i wasnt even getting the lobster face i used to get, maybe i became immune or somthing? Anyways my friend told me that before bed i should wet my face and my hands, rubbing
  7. yeah, my breakout has lasted way over 12 weeks now. I have even totaly overdosed with the BP but that didnt do much I duno what could change it i have a very streight forward routneen and im very healthy, well atleast i like to think to. I get up in a morning go for a run, i often go to the gym at least 5 times a week and i eat healthly Im not dry or flakey the only time i experience dryness or flakeyness was when i first started the regimen
  8. I LOOK TERRIBLE TODAY!!! Even had the day off college, which is bad... im already behind as it is :\ , can somebody help please? is there anything i can do to boost the effects? PLEASE!!! i beg you i dont know how much more of this i can take
  9. When i first started the regimen it worked like a charm and i was clear, then i got my breakout and ever since that ive been unable to get rid of my acne :s Has anybody else had this problem?? they wouldnt be so bad if they wasnt so red