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  1. Hmm this thread is starting to make me worry, I have always thought I was underweight, but that there was nothing wrong with that and I had always figured I’d “fill out†when I was older. However reading all of your weights and what you consider super skinny, .. I’m now worried about being REALLY underweight, I’m 6’1†and weigh 124 lbs, is that really bad? I’m 17 and have always eaten a lot, and I mean loads.
  2. For me too! See my dermatologist doesn’t understand! Lol, or maybe isn’t paid enough to care, I’m so glad I didn’t take accutain. So the real question would be is how does this help us get rid of acne? Hmm maybe we need to fill our lives with tons of stuff, so that we never have the time or care to sit worrying about how our skin looks.
  3. This is ... strange! Thank you for taking the time to explain it, it makes perfect sense, well kinda. When I had my exams I was so stressed and just before I had had a lot of acne, but over my exams, nothing was really clear and felt so much better. Also in an extra note, when I usually get stressed about less important things (eg party), I focus all of my stress on my skin, saying “if only I had clear skin, my life would be great!†XD, and when its mildly stressful situations like first day
  4. I’m posting this herein the holistic section, because I hope someone can tell me why BP works for some and not for others? I used it for a while and my skin went crazy, however the people who have been using it for over a year look fantastic in their pictures. Is it possible that I stopped too soon? I’ve been trying to get clear with more natural means with not much more success, atm I’m back to looking for more alternatives.
  5. Hey, what are the best sources of calcium, if you can’t tolerate dairy? Thanks
  6. Thankyou, I have been looking for that link all over the site :dance:
  7. Hey, fairly new here but I have had a burning question for quite some time. Diet, what really is healthy? I have read so many different and mostly conflicting answers to this question, all with great science to back them up! Milk and other dairy products are rich in calcium and many vitamins! However the animal proteins within them are so high that little of the goodness can be absorbed by our body’s and can actually strip the calcium from us? That about right? I used to think I ate fairly w