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  1. One time, when I was just staring at my skin, I started thinking, acne is kind of cool, its colourful and each one is unique and neat. Don't worry, a few seconds after the thought went through my mind I started laughing. But thinking about it, I wonder why society puts such a harsh view on acne. I remember when I was young, I used to see all these acne commercials, and the movies or shows where people freak out about getting a zit on prom night, and I think that society has turned acne from may
  2. These are so true 90% are dead on for me.. 19. a. You get hounded by skin cleanser booth people when you go to the mall. 19. b. Stay away from malls
  3. I figure I should make some of the mild acne sufferers feel better about themselves. To be honest I have come to be less self-concious about my acne, but I am desperately looking for a cure because I hate it....
  4. Sounds interesting... I may print this off and show it to my doctor, not that i don't trust you but just to get a proffesional opinion
  5. Actually this is interesting : http://skinacea.com/acne/face_map.htm I don't know how legit this is but I think it kindof explains how my acne may have developed into hormonal...
  6. I'm researching the hormonal aspects of acne and was wondering if I could clear some things up.... First, i am 17, and a male a) I used to have acne on my shoulders and forehead, with minor as in a few whiteheads around my cheeks and chin. This has cleared up, now I have nearly no acne on my shoulders, and save for the odd whitehead my sheeks and forehead are very healthy and smooth. b) The downside: my clear sheeks and forehead are meaningless because now I have very red spots and painful head
  7. I've only been using the BP Gel (from D.K.) but I've been using it for almost a year now, and it has improved my complextion a fair bit (when i first began using it i had patches of red painful spots all around my mouth.) However I still usually have 2-5 mild zits, that usually start out as mildly painful red bumps under my lower lip, corner of mouth, or corner of nostril that turn into burning whiteheads. Please just tell me: 1) Will adding steps 1 and 3 complete the 'fix' even if my skin doe