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  1. Honestly go to the Marylebone clinic they have dr brazini she offers tca and subcision for an exception price. Do this once a month for about 5 months this will cost you 1250 approximately and mix this with a home tca peel of about 15% do this 2 weeks after the clinic treatment. Over the 5 months you will bring up the scar pits with the tca and subcision while the tca peel will thin the surface and eventually they will meet or become shallower. This will be your most cost effective treatment. An
  2. Its a difficult condition to fix your issues seem to be mostly on your chin and jaw line. This might not be what you want to hear but your best bet is to get a beard transplant and honestly you would look great all day everyday and no need for minimal improvement treatments
  3. I literally work in insurance, and you are correct in your point I did exaggerate. However in the uk its approximately about 1000 a year for private insurance. If you had a pre-existing issue for example one customer had a twisted intestines, which is an expensive procedure about 3000 this was immediately factored into the two year contract. So she in theory payed for her treatment with the normal fee added to cover anything extra or new that might occur. So if for example they were to cover acn
  4. They wont fund it because it doesn't have a cure, that's the reason if It doesn't have a set procedure that's one and done they wont do it and if they did they wouldn't insure you if you had the issue prior to the membership there not out here to help you there to make money. For them its a guaranteed loss for acne scars and treatments can cost in the region of 10000 and this would take them decades to earn that money back of you. Don't even bother trying to get it to happen your only chance is
  5. Basically I have one scar that is flat with the skin but isn’t skin it’s scar tissue it’s quite small and linear can they simply just cut it out and stitch toghether
  6. I have a 4mm by 2mm scar that’s long but thin and it’s a weird shape and colour it’s clearly not skin tissue and I thought due to its shape and how small it is can a surgeon not cut it out but w stitch or 2 and remove it entirely
  7. What treatment are you getting and how were your consultations
  8. I've heard a lot of people mention not to see Dr H as he has lots of botched cases, but I'm struggling to find them can anyone point me in the right direction or inform.
  9. Once scars are raised how would one go about reducing the whiteness and the difference in texture?
  10. If you are sure on getting excision, I would recommend Dr David Dunaway if you can my mother had a neck injury and he's considered the best craniofacial surgeon in the UK, and he would probably charge approximately a thousand for it he is an expert it scar and would revision and would be much better than seeing a dermatologist for any surgical procedure, then for treatments such as cross and subcision I would recommend the Marylebone clinic the physician is the trained pupil of Dr Chu who has ju
  11. If that for safety reasons, or just purely to see what the results of the previous treatments were.