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  1. i found my original post with some iPhone photos of my face.. and years later today i took photos of my skin now. what do you say.. has there been some improvement? The last time i did anything to my skin including the last cross session was in 2015. The first two images are my skin today.. in natural light. third and fourth photo were taken before I did my first cross treatment. the before photos were taken at night, not in natural light.. just unflattering light.. however i don't think
  2. Hope you end up with good results! It's a process to see reusults- I did my own TCA cross- I performed TCA cross at least 3 times on large-ish areas of my checks where I have ice pick scarring. And I may have done random scars on my checks randomly instead of overall areason another 3 occasions or so. TCA cross has been the only method that provided noticeable benefits. I had 2 sessions of Profractional laser where there went deep into my dermis; 350 and 400 microns at 8 and 11 percent- e
  3. 99% - the Cross kit from that Julie person at perfectcomplexion...
  4. i feel like my skin has improved. The original photos weren't taken in day light, which to me is the most unforgiving light.. so in my opinion the original pictures posted don't reflect the depth of the original skin condition.. nor the numerous icepicks. I posted 'em though to get a feel for whether i was an ideal candidate for the process. ANyways, these attachment were taken in day light and are about 4 days after session 3. for session 3 i only did a few scars. From what I can observe
  5. you have mild ice pick scars. TCA Cross treatment is AMAZING! I'm a wild gal, willing to do the TCA on my own- but if you're too scared you will screwup your face by accidentally putting the TCA somewhere it shouldn't be.. then try to find a medical professional to administer the TCA Cross treatment. Its inexpensive, and that's probably why alot of doctors don't bother advising it. But dude, it's amazing, the results are actually visible rather quickly after the application at least for me.
  6. Um I have one hole on my nose, it's not that noticeable I don't think.. but based on your foto, I think it's similar to mine- I'm not sure why you say you think yours are more noticeable in person though.. anyways, i crossed it- the one hole/scar on my nose tip.. that was 5 days ago, so complete healing isn't done, but it's looking good! only thing is, while its healing it's noticeable, as its a red scab.. i wear makeup, but my nose kind of wears off more than the rest of my face, so that littl
  7. Oy, I'm late in responding.. did you get it done? I'm on day 5 of my TCA Cross treatment. If i were going to a wedding or something big, I wouldn't do TCA cross with only a 5 day window for complete healing.. As I said I'm on day 5, and the healing is OK, but there are still flakey scabs from the coagulated ice pick scar where 100% TCA was applied. I can go out to normal everyday things, but if i were going to be photographed, there is flakeys on my skin, and still scabs.. tiny as they may b
  8. Ok I got my TCA Cross kit from Julie. It came with two sizes of picks, one set is longer and the tip of which is slightly larger/wider. and another bunch of tiny picks- perfect for my ice pick scars. no pain really, frosting lasted less than 3 hours.. then you can see the scars appear more noticeable/pronounced. I was able to wear makeup and go to work hours later that day. day 1 following the application, seemed the same as the day of application. day 2 you can see red.. i guess the begin
  9. o wow! this girl had amazzzzing results! and SO quickly!! And with only 50% TCA solution.. ! If you're still around folks, update update update ! please and thank youuuu
  10. well i already bought mine from that perfect complexion website, but would you mind telling me where you purchased yours should I need another batch of it? thx
  11. Great thread. Too bad alot of the 'TCA CROSS Gurus' appear to have fallen off the face of the board. It would be great to have a sort of step by step easily/readily available. wash face, disinfect. dip tooth pick (sharpen it into a smaller point if need be, according to size of scar) into TCA solution, this solution isn't as runny as water so it should drip too much, but don't dip the whole tooth pick, just the tip. use a magnified mirror, in superb lighting so as to clearly see the
  12. Hey all, thanks for selflessly sharing and on the regular too. I'm in toronto Can. First time I've been compelled to post. I've been trying to target acne scarring for about 4 years.. glycolic peels every other week for almost a year.. that same doctor told me my scarring was too small to fill.. and didn't offer any other 'solutions', between 2010 and 2011 last year I spent a few thousand dollars on Profractional laser sessions, had 3 sessions, last session was about 8 months ago, so I be