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  1. It's weird, but even though I'm pretty sure my skin got worse at first, it was hard for me to gauge, so it didn't bother me at all. It's just a really awesome feeling to know that I can stop buying Neutrogena products, hoping for one to work like magic, because if I have patience, my skin is going to get better because I'm doing what I can. That's what I really like about the drug, so far.
  2. I'm on week six or so of Accutane. I'm taking 3 x 20mg daily. Last week, my freckles started to show, across my nose, cheeks, and even forehead. Ordinarily, they only come out when I've spent a ton of time in the sun and am very tan, but I haven't been in the sun and always go outside with SPF on my face. I'm not worried at all, just curious--do the freckles have something to do with the meds? They're cute, but they look a lot like acne marks, which sucks.
  3. Lauren--I totally felt that way before I started Accutane. I did have to wait a month between starting the process and actually getting the pills. But just remember, you won't see results right away anyway. I'm about 6 weeks in and I am not seeing results yet--so the initial month is kind of just the same deal.
  4. It's fine. I'm on Accutane with Lexapro, Lithium, and Seroquel. Lithium is the most likely to be interfered with by things, but it's fine with Accutane.
  5. It's totally all about the fasting. My cholesterol was low when I had my initial tests, but doubled the next time. It's probably because the first time, the only thing I ate beforehand was fat-free yogurt. The second time, I had a bagel with cream cheese a few hours before. Definitely fast or eat only veggies or something before the next test.
  6. Ah! I'm trying to avoid dairy. Will soy milk work? Almond? Rice?
  7. It works for me because my skin was perfect until October, and then the severe acne started out of nowhere. Also, I was very thin a year ago and I'm trying to lose a little weight, so it helps me remember that that's possible with hard work, too.
  8. I just started, and here are my essentials: 1. Small lotion bottle from Bath & Body Works--I keep it in my purse now because my hands get dry. 2. Fragrance-free lotion--brand is Nature's Gate but I wouldn't say it's necessarily the best. Fragrance-free is good because I put it on my arms and legs a few times a day and it doesn't leave me smelling perfumey. 3. Lip balms: Blistex medicated for when I bleed; aquaphor for most of the time; Burt's Bees over my lipstick. 4. Clinique products: I
  9. I've been on it a week and I just started noticing that I'm sweating profusely from my hands, feet, and underarms. Weird. Not my face at all, though.
  10. Oh man...today was so much better, side effects wise. I drank a ton of water and had no headaches or fatigue at all. My lips have been okay, the lipstick wouldn't stay long though. I try to eat as much protein as I can manage...peanut butter every day, whey in my morning smoothies, sometimes almonds, sometimes Boca burgers, sometimes beans. It's hard, I probably don't get enough protein, but I probably don't get enough of anything. I'm hoping I can get up the appetite to eat Barilla Plus pasta
  11. I started Accutane a week ago, so I'm probably not qualified to really answer, but--I'm bipolar, heavily medicated for it, and while I rarely have bouts of pure depression (usually mania or mixed mania and depression), I was concerned. So far I feel totally fine. Maybe a little lazy, not so motivated, but I think that's circumstance rather than Accutane. The doctor who takes care of my Accutane works at the same clinic as my psychiatrist, and they've talked about my case and are going to work to
  12. I started a week ago, and last night I went out with some friends and acquaintances who I'm not close to. I freely told them I wasn't drinking because of the drug, and we talked about it. I also told the women at the Clinique and MAC counters at Nordstrom, when I was shopping for cleansers, moisturizers, and lipstick. It's very weird for me--I've been heavily medicated for bipolar disorder for a year and a half, and that's something I only tell close friends. I'm not ashamed, but I don't want pe
  13. Thanks for the reply! I drink a whole lot of water, plain water, I love it too. Juice when I'm on the go so I can get some calories. Lots of fruits and vegetables since I'm on a vegetarian diet heavy on the whole foods. Completely eliminated alcohol of course. When I'm at home, which is most of the day (grad student, working on thesis at home), I'm drinking water continuously. But--I am tired a lot now, and have the headaches, so maybe it's still not enough. I've had problems with appetite for