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  1. Hey everyone, I've been on Accutane (well Sotret) 40mg/day for a little over two weeks. I'm noticing a HUGE improvement! When I first started I got three huge cysts in the center of my face. Very unattractive. But finally, after a full two weeks of suffering there are no more pimples. The existing ones are almost all dried up and there is not one new one! So Accutane is working for me with basically no side effects (yet). All I've been bothered by is the insane chapped lips condition. Check o
  2. AlienBob

    AlienBob's Face Progress

    Hey...I am soo excited. The regimen is working!
  3. I know my acne doesn't look bad here. Its because I've already been on BP for a week. Also, the BP is covering alot of the pimples. I had a bad outbreak around the lower corner of my mouth. It's still there, just covered. I'll get a picture soon of what I looked like when my acne was bad. I'll post one tomorrow, hopefully.
  4. Hi. My name is Bobby. Over the past 3 months my skin broke out really bad. I had pimples everywhere and slipped into a slight depression. Acne really ruined my life for those three months. Now, I finally found something that is working. Here's my progress. I am going to post one picture a week. I have the Benzoyl Peroxide on right now...sorry...lol.