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  1. I've always been a decent person and I never meant to harm anyone. Though my intentions weren't the purest, since I am not a perfect person, they were always true. I've always been a bit shavie, yet my heart was in the right place - it was with God. Way back when, when I thought about it, the philosophies of life confused me a bit, but it didn't matter for I was content with life. Now, it's become clear and I understand what must be done. I stood here alone for the last year and saw my life fad
  2. acceptance. i must accept the fact that my life is ruined and that i'll never see the world the same again.
  3. no i don't have anyone to talk to. i can't talk to my buddies because they get frustrated that i act like this over something so "simple". no one in my life understands the pain i endure. you are the only ones who do.
  4. acne has reigned destruction upon me. it's swept its way through my life and left nothing but chaos and despair in it's wake. i feel that all hope has diminished and there's nothing left to live for - too much to rebuild, too much to mend. all of the dreams, passions and goals i held dear have been completely wiped out...exterminated. now i truly understand what it's like to struggle to stay alive - because there's absolutely nothing left to live for. it's taken everything and left me dead.
  5. if acne were a person i would strap him to a chair. then i will tear ever nail from each of his toes and fingers. after that, i would do this in order: i would scalp him with a razor, tear his eyes out, rip his tongue out, staple his mouth shut, and jam nails in his ears. then i'd let him sit there for a few days. once i return, i'll crucify him upside down and tear his intestines out so they'll dangle down upon his chin. eventually, he'll bleed out and die.
  6. "life sucks, then you die" that's my favorite quote now.
  7. ah god, she's so beautiful too. she's going to live such a great life. she's so full of life and energy. so intelligent and atheletic. she's really going to make out with her life and whoever's with her...i envy him. i miss her so much, acne.org, i don't know what to do. and my acne, haha, it's just so horrible. why oh why?
  8. i browsed through my ex-gf's facebook today. she has new photos displayed. she looks so happy with all of her friends. she looks so happy without me there. i wonder how long she'll be single - not long i'm sure. she'll find someone soon. she always has smart, successful, good-looking guys after her anyway. way better than i am. i'm just an acne-infested, ugly and uneducated piece of trash anyway. i guess i really don't deserve her.