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  1. 7/20/2008 Current Status: holy crap i totally forgot about updating haha. Well alot has happened recently...i actually broke out a little(i actually got new pimples..not stuff purging) last sunday or so cause of all the junkfood i ate. it was't that bad though...anyways they are gone and everything has healed up...only slight discoloration from PIH but its not even that noticeable. Anyways, i had 3 bumps on my right jawline...2 of them i was able to extract just today and the 3rd bump will come
  2. 7/11/08 Current Status: Ok the stuff around my left jawline is coming out again...sucks how the purging periods always come when friends from out of town come to visit...oh well. I thought i got everything out from my right tempo, but i guess there was a spot i missed, as its a rather large bump right now. My left chin area is starting to purge too, but im not surprised cause i know there was alot of stuff under there,,didnt think it would come up so soon. But yeh, hopefully this is it, i know
  3. The only thing you dont use with a retinoid is BP, they cancel each other out, or something along the lines of that. But yeh what i do is 10% MA in the morning, after a workout or w/e(usually around 5pm) i shower and use 2% BHA after...and right before i sleep i rinse my face really quick and apply GC and go to bed. If your skin can handle it and you want to layer an exfoliant with GC, kevin suggested that GC should always go on first...at least so he told me. I dont use sunscreen or moistu
  4. 07/07/2008 Current Status: Ok, doing a quick update...ive been pretty busy lately. The left tempo area is clear now, took a bit of picking but i was able to get the stuff out. Umm the spot at the left corner of my mouth is healing, no scarring! thank god...and umm...surprise surprise, my left jawline is starting to purge again. I felt little bumps there while taking a shower last week...but i was just hoping they would dissappear on their on...wishful thinking i guess haha. It sucks cause the P
  5. hmmm, im happy im not the only one that found messing with comedonal bumps actually helps bring them out haha.
  6. Yup i agree. Everyone is different and when the body is out of balance, acne isnt the only symptom. For example, Kazangwa mentions that fat people dont have acne, and yeh, they probably dont but they have many other health issues that you cant see. Just because someone doesnt have a problem that you can see doesn't mean they are perfectly healthy. Both of you are make good points and are correct. Acne is the product of a combination of many things happening at once. Like the list Kriszt
  7. 7/03/08 Current Status: Ok so a few new things happened. Lets start with the "natural" occuring events haha. I poked my right tempo area a few times since i felt a few bumps there...and their starting to get inflamed i tihnk...which is good cause it want to finish this purge asap and if there is anything i can do to jump start the process, im all over it. Haha anyways so my jawlines are looking very nice, i tihnk one more week and my jawlines will be COMPLETELY clear...no bumps or PIH..im still
  8. Usually i try to stay out of threads like these, especially since its out of the Holistic forums and im a firm believer that diet affects acne, but ill bite. Your first point pretty much nails it. Poor western diet + lack of exercise. The reason i say western is because we eat so much junkfood now-a-days due to fast food restaurants, etc and we do so on a daily basis. I think acne is one of the symptoms telling us that our body is out of balance. Thats my theory though. As for the progress
  9. Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) is a common ingredient that can irritate skin so when your toothpaste foams around the mouth, it can cause breakouts.
  10. Hmm, i didnt notice being extra oily...but that might be because i dont have oily skin in the first place. Yeh it sucks to have sensitive skin, i dont know how i would deal with it because im an impatient person...i started using GC6 daily the day it arrived at my doorstep lol. Look on the bright side though, at least your bottle will last longer!
  11. i bought epsom salt at whole foods, i live in cali though...another name for it is magnesium sulfate. So perhaps you can try to search for that name.
  12. well, for some reason the 2% BHA makes my skin really shiny/oily looking so i use that after i come home and i know i wont be going out after...usually after basketball/gym which is around 5pm. i use mandelic in the morning cause it makes my skin look really smooth, and it sort of lightens/covers some red marks (for me at least). *i use 10% nucelle MA btw* after i come home from workout or whatever i take a shower and use BHA then right before i go to bed i take a quick shower or just wash th
  13. 6/30/08 Current Status: Ok! Maybe dairy wasnt such a good idea haha. I got 2 new spots..both are/were big. One was right along my chin and the other between the chin and right corner of my mouth. I was able to extract the stuff out of the one on my chin, so at least i know that spot wont be so red tommorrow. The other one however hasnt come to a head yet, i can only feel a bump...so ill have to wait a day or two for it to get pushed up before extracting the stuff out of that one too. As for the
  14. im using 2% BHA + 10% MA + green cream lvl 6...my comedonal acne is finally coming out. been using 2% BHA for 3 months, 10% MA for a little over a month, green cream for almost 2 weeks.
  15. 6/29/08 Current Status: Same as yesterday except last night i was able to extract the dried up hard sebum plug on my left jawline neck that has been there for at least 3 months. The thing was pretty huge haha. Its wierd, my left jawline is now officially bumpless although i have really bad PIH there, but now the bumps on my right jawline are starting to get inflamed. Oh well, most of the action is going on along my jawline areas now. My chin has some PIH, not so noticable thought and everything