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  1. As you can tell from the title, I'm in the middle of what I’m sure is a continued initial breakout from Tazorac .05% Tazarotene cream. I've been using it for about a month, and my breakouts have steadily gotten worse and aren’t looking like they’re going to end anytime soon. So how long should I wait before giving up on Taz and moving on to the next possibility (and adding another fail to the list...)? I thought it would've been gone by week three or so, but I guess not. Accutane is lo
  2. Thank you Green for your kind words. I know I'm not alone, this community makes know that. But it does frequently feel like it which is one of the hardest parts, especially as of late. I'm glad you found your remedy- better late than never, huh? That is one thing I continue to worry about; that I will be dealing with this well into adulthood like some. I plan on being on a career track that involves heavy public appearance, and if I can't get this under control I don't know what I'll do. I
  3. It's been a while since I posted here, honestly I hoped I wouldn't have to again. It's been about a 5 year struggle or so, and upgraded from light to moderate around year 2. I'll be 19 soon, and half of my college life is already behind me (long story). I was mostly successful at bypassing my emotional distress from acne last semester, but it seems it's back with a vengeance now. It's odd how I let it control certain parts of my life and others it doesn't touch. I'm leading a successful aca
  4. Man, and it was sounding so good too. I was hoping for a silver bullet, I guess I'll keep searching.
  5. I'm quite interested in this. I have mild/moderate acne (mostly scars) and have tried a bunch of creams and am currently trying red/blue phototherapy. I wish I heard of this before I bought a light, but if it's as good as this thread makes it sound I might give it a shot anyway. I'm assuming from the sounds of it I could use this with phototherapy? Has anybody been on it for longer than two weeks and not noticed an improvement? Also, has anyone tried it/heard if it works on chest/body acne?
  6. Ah. Oops. I tried it for the first time today, I was going out and just wanted something to maybe help redness go down. I didn't break out, and it feels softer. Maybe it was just a placebo effect. Thanks for the reply, and new info!
  7. I have started taking vitamin E gel capsules (taken orally) as a part of my daily medicine ritual, and I was told that if you have a new scar you can pop one of those gel caps and put the gel on the scar and it will help it heal. So my question is, would it be a stretch to use the gel from these vitamin E supplements as a topical acne cream? I haven't tried it yet, I wanted to see if anyone else had. Right now I need some kind of instant, temporary solution. I have a day of college orientati
  8. Week 1 of my Duac+Differin combo treatment front view. I think it looks better in pictures than it does in real life, but my friends and family say otherwise. I believe they are lying for my benefit. Gotta love 'em.
  9. Week 1 of my Duac+Differin combo treatment- left side.
  10. Week 1 of my Duac+Differin combo treatment right side. The brown spots are freckles so ignore those. The red bump under my eye is, unfortunately, a zit. Annoying but hopefully on its way out.
  11. I've been introverted for as long as I can remember. While at times I curse myself for being so, I have come to realize that I am who I am because of it, and generally speaking I really like who I am. I could blame acne for helping, but it wouldn't be true. With or without it's just how I operate, like many others. Introvertedness has helped me in many ways over the years: it made me a better student, made me much more independent, I can easily keep myself occupied when no one is around, and
  12. Acne wins hands down. I got braces in 6th or 7th grade, had to learn how to play the trumpet without braces, then with braces, then without again in the same 2 year span- but I'd do it all over again for as long as necessary if it meant getting rid of acne. Braces aren't so bad after you get through the pain part.
  13. ahhh beach.. so nice, warm, relaxing... but way too many beautiful people showing off perfect skin... ... and sharks.