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  1. I picked up a new cleaner, it's called pHisohex. Ingredients are Sodium Benzate 5mg/ml. benzyl alcohol 5mg/ml 1% w/v Triclosan Does anyone know if this is any good?
  2. leave it on, no need to wash it off. most ppl do it at night since the smell is quite repulsive D: What about during the day? Does the smell go away? I don't want my GF to find it a turn off when she is near me....
  3. I looked in my cupboard. I have 8% one... is this bad? Should I look for 5%? What brand do the aussies here use?
  4. started using the berenzol to give it a shot, 3% from the local mm englisgh word..pharmacy, a face cleaner (clearasil or some shit, anti pimples, dunno, only one i could find here) and a moistuirizer. face has already started to reduce redness, no pimples after 2 days, pimples on neck that i didnt use my other cream on are nearly all gone. looking good so far.
  5. i think its the cream, its only where i apply that. i wash my whole face with the cleanser and toner and my whole face isnt red. im going ot try the BOP stuff and see how that goes
  6. ach please hilf me!! should i buy some Benzoyl Peroxide instead of using this cream? here in germany i cannot buy dans regime! they sell here 3%, is that a huge difference from 2.5? what should i look for in a cleaner and moisturizer?
  7. what is a good face cleanser to buy here in germany that wont empty my wallet?
  8. I don't think so, it was red before I used it, toner didn't really do anything
  9. Hi, I use at the moment for over 1 and a half years now I think and my face is always fucking red. I only use it on my nose and chin, I don't get pimples anywhere else. The cream i got is a prescription cream called ReTrieve cream (hdroxybenzoates 0.2% w/w, diazolidinylurea 0.2% w/w.). I also take a prescription pill call minicycline, but that doesn't do shit, I think I will stop that, i went on to the cream because it wasn't working. The cream gets rid of most of the pimples, it still leaves
  10. I started to get acne about 2 years ago, after a few months I went to a GP. She gave me Minicycline 50g to take, few months later - nothing. Went to a dermatologist - got a cream called ReTrieve Cream (tretinoin 0.05% w/w) - I don't get any pimples, maybe once every week, but it's usually gone the next morning. I sometimes have a little bit of redness around the t-zone area. But I still have lots of blackheads on my nose which really annoy me. what i usually do is day: wake up have a shower use