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  1. sorry that im not really savy with this kinda stuff but what is BP???? =P
  2. please...anyone else?!? im afraid to scrub it cuz that might irritate it more should i just leave it alone?
  3. its been like 5 days since it grew on my nose how much longer til it shrinks away!!?!?!?!?! an by shrink i mean at least small enough so its not noticeable in pictures!!! should i try to pop it?
  4. okay so my one of my friends recently started coming into school with perfect skin and i had to ask her what she was doing cuz her face used to have as many zits as this website has users anyway she was hesitant but finally told me cuz she think she can trust me [i said i wouldnt tell any of our friends but i said nothing bout posting on a website] she said she had started bleaching her face...i can understand her desperation because of her extreme condition...but seriously...my major question