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  1. Be happy for a bit, then probably focus on other insecurities I have tbh. That's just how brains seem to work.
  2. that's so useless imo. Idk why you wouldn't want to help others if you got f*cked over. I hear a lot of negative rumours and allegations against dr H but 0 evidence and pictures. I am willing to believe FAL can be deleterious, but not if it's all 'Oh I can't talk about it publicly' and no pictures. Just seems like baseless slander.
  3. SO minor not worth treating imo, you have 1 small scar, could get tca for that maybe, and a couple micro needle sessions. You might get a bit of improvement but it's expensive and can be deleterious.
  4. great thanks. A lot of my scars on my neck are actually new, like 6 month old, so I hope there is some natural improvement like this lady over the next 6 months - 2 years. Generally scars stop naturally changing completely after 2 years from what I hear.
  5. Ok guys, I found on older picture of scars from about 2.5 months ago. This was 1.5 weeks or so after my infini. I tried to replicate the photo EXACTLY. I know it's not perfect, but I was totally UNABLE to get a worse picture of my scars. I was standing under light. I think I can see some improvement, what do you guys think? My scars don't look this bad in real life, this is standing under light with my neck arched at funny angle to make it as dramatic and bad as possible. the pics I linked
  6. The point of this post is to ask for treatment advice I had v beams yes, Pulsed dye laser at PHI clinic London. I had 3 sessions. It worked a lot on the specific PIE marks, but there is a lot of general redness. My scars are mainly new ish (like 6-7months old), so hoping redness fades over the next few months/year more.
  7. Umm what did I say to you? I don't remember. Mine are severe under beard I just have lucky placement that can be covered. Also afaik you never posted urs so you may have less than me.
  8. Hello. FIrstly sculptra is not immediate improvement, it is a collagen generating 'filler'. So it will take 6weeks + to see anything. I think you have a fair bit of fat loss and your scarring looks mainly rolling, or at least the most visible stuff looks rolling, I think for the next 6 months to year you should focus on mainly subcision and fillers before resurfacing.
  9. Hello, you look very red in the last photo, is it recent scarring or did you have treatment? You can get v beams for the redness. this will make it look at lot better. You can then subcise first, and then imo laser a few times for texture. I dont really think infini is that good speaking from personal experience, but feel free to try it first if you dont want to laser. Your scarring is not extremely deep so i think u can get good improvement. It is fairly widespread though, so maybe
  10. I am fortunate in one way, in that the worst of it is upper neck, my beard significantly covers it. Trust me, if I did clean shave, you would see it was fairly severe there. I guess I can never clean shave for the rest of my life, which is what I'm coming to terms with, but maybe I could get some scar treatment just to see if it can work a bit. The scars on my neck are also relatively new, about 6-7 months old now. So they may respond to treatment or heal up a tiny bit more, also they are
  11. Yeah I understand that, it's just that the doctor I had a consult with and the only guy who would do sculptra for acne scars specifically offered this service. https://www.lmaclinic.com/scar-treatment i dont think he uses as a spacer, just done in same session. I would then get laser at a different clinic,
  12. Hello again. I have 2 potential treatment paths that i'm considering getting, would like some advice. Really not sure what path to take here. I have mainly box car scars, not too much deepness or tethering, perhaps a bit. On face is mild, just shallow box car near temples a small bit on cheeks. Neck is more moderate severe, hard to see right now, I use stubble to cover it (although it's a bit neckbeardy) looks bad upon shave. 1st option is: Sculptra + subcision,
  13. Definitely not. If these marks break your psychology, I'd advice you to look at this forum a bit.
  14. No. I didn't mention I was on it. I obv don't recommend this, but studies conclusively and repeatedly show it is fine. But many derms just aren't up to date and aren't willing to take the 'risk'. I saw your photos. Obviously it is baddest lighting, you don't have too many, just looks like you have a few but some quite deep ones with fat loss. Probably filler is good for you. For me I have more box car, but I have a lot , that aren't that deep, and not that much tethering and fat loss. So for me
  15. That's interesting. I'm looking at next path for treatment after infini and basic MN. Could sculptra subcision with one doctor, followed by co2 fractional 1-3 weeks later of Christmas be a viable option? I would give 3 months ish to heal after without any more treatment (also cus finance)
  16. I'm in same boat as you tbh. Not sure. I'm taking low dose acc 10-20 and it starts coming back if I'm off it for a couple of weeks. Only been on this dose 8 months or so and acne is totally controlled while on it. Since I'm a 6'2, 90kg male, I expect to be on this dose for at least 1-2 more years before expecting any kind of permanent remission of cystic acnes. I want to do FAL but I haven't seen any studies on it specifically. I'm 95% sure it would be fine seeing as my skin seems no
  17. Yeah studies show it's fine to do low dose accutane and treatment in pretty much all cases now. Only full ablation laser and manual dermabrasion aren't concluded to that effect. I personally did Infini and subcision on low dose accutane and recovered fine.
  18. Obviously fully ablative is BETTER results, but somehow concerned that it will be risky? Not sure. Obviously last thing I want is to make scarring worse..
  19. I am going to get one of these but not sure which. Does anyone have experience? Would be helpful. KR.
  20. Not huge amount of true scarring, you have redness which makes it look worse. Fix this and active acne (vbeam, retinols etc), you will see if your scarring is worth treating in 6 months or so.
  21. For me, not particularly. I think I was rly red only for 48 hours or so. 100% normal by 1 week. I was on accutane also, and it was aggressive INFINI and also subcision and prp. I am also fairly prone to redness as I am very fair skinned.
  22. rolling/boxcar. looks like subcision filler first especially for the middle one.
  23. it's the same middle aged Australian guy, had the name like 'please help me' or something before.